Call Clooney!

99 Dandelion Wine (2009-05-28)

Show 99 album art
0:00:31ACC’s live introduction; two missed shows, ACC & Patricia separated, impending divorce, first attempt at Show 99 deleted
0:04:04Rachel Maddow blasts Obama for “prolonged detention”; New York Times Maureen Dowd plagiarism scandal, editor replacement of “we” with “the Bush crowd”, Dowd’s exposure of Joe Biden plagiarism, JCD on “did I write that?” episodes; The Scotsman plagiarizing Gamesweasel; Mimi coloring copy-pasted text
0:17:54The Economist on Proctor & Gamble denying Pringles’ potato content to avoid VAT, JCD: “it’s actually a toy!”; Monterey Foods potentially in trouble; ACC on Bar Americain ribs
0:23:27JCD recommends The American Experience Kennedys series, Bobby Kennedy: “we are a great country, and a selfish country, and a compassionate country”
0:28:06JCD’s local news on ring of car thieves busted, CHP unable or unwilling to trace cars to owners; ACC’s Slovakian driver on dozing off in car and awakening to ticket, financial incentives for ticket-writing; Speaker of House of Commons Michael Martin resigns over expense scandal; Jon & Kate Plus 8 crap
0:36:33JCD on not allowed into Google I/O by indecisive 20-somethings; death of <blink>, HTML5 video embedding; miffed North Korea promises “unimaginable merciless punishment” over maritime WMD program, ABC News distills it to “the North threatened a military response”, report with Uncle Don, “you don’t want to mess with them”
0:49:02Lahore bombing appearing to target ISI, Pakistani military fighting a multi-front war
0:53:02Dandelions selling for $9 per pound, JCD on Mimi making dandelion wine, WWII nettle soup, cedar box for Native American cooking
0:56:50Producer note on 2007 Boeing 737-300 disengaged auto-throttle incident at Bournemouth Airport and Turkish Airlines 1591; JCD on medical imaging software frying patients, Eurocopter running Windows
1:04:32California Supreme Court upholds gay-union ban, Gavin Newsom throwing it in people’s faces, black Obama voters all-in on Proposition 8, civil unions vs marriage, ACC: “I want you to go through divorce as well!”, professionally made signs at demonstrations
1:10:37Wall Street Journal on PPIP scam, banks buying toxic assets from themselves with tax money; incomprehensible reports; June 17 Bernie Madoff sentencing; ACC $50bn Israel AIG theory
1:15:01Supreme Court controversies, porn-watching Clarence Thomas and “that woman” Anita Hill
1:17:40Outro: ACC’s travel plans and month in San Francisco; jingles for Show 100