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999 Nein Nein Nein (2018-01-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey Mommy, are you a douchebag?” (2:31:32)
0:00:36“Nine nine nine” vs Hitler parody “nein nein nein”, ACC’s Show 100 “good run”
0:04:09Hawaii “a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes, this is not a drill”; CNN on shift change “pressed the wrong button”, sirens from “the end of the Cold War”, producer note on air raid tone MIA for 30 years; “we’re all gonna die” man on the street compilation
0:15:48HEMA’s Vern Miyagi falls on sword: “ballistic missile preparation checklist”, “the wrong button was pushed on this test”, ACC: “Twitter is a better alert system than this”, FEMA IPAWS retraction authorization, “two-person rule”, JCD: “fire him!”; MSNBC “in the room” when alert was sent, “somebody pushed that button accidentally”, “shelter in place” meme; CNN’s Juliette Kayyem: “I don’t want people to have a lot of conspiracy theories coming out”, cut off for “a man who knows these systems”; JCD: North Korean hackers or surfers
0:31:50Shitstorm over Donald Trump “shithole”, NPR on Port-au-Prince workers “hauling away human excrement by hand, one bucket at a time”; douchebag Washington Post out-of-context report, Trump Rotation “racist” meme; Philip Mudd: “shitholers built this country 110 years ago, they were called slopers and slant-eyes”, “pure racism”; “I am a proud shitholer” iso
0:40:49Jason Johnson: “no role for brown, tan, yellow, LGBT people in the future that he wants to create in America”; Barbara Lee “oh-fended” and pushing for censure; “Ana, you’re melting!” for faux Republican Ana Navarro mid-“episode”, Born in a Shithole jingle, “shithole” medley
0:53:09April Ryan “Mr. President, are you a racis’?” at MLK proclamation; Dick Durbin’s reputation as blabbermouth, Bill Clinton blowjob normalization; Charlottesville “very fine people on both sides” again, Mugabe’s African Union irked; Clinton Foundation indictment; Alex Witt hits David Duke and Charlottesville talking points; Anderson Pooper chokes up over Haiti
1:05:41Producer Segment: pro tips for paywalled articles, meta-search
1:53:32Letterman’s boring Netflix My Next Guest: Needs No Introduction, “Botox for men” beard, Obama on “getting all your information off algorithms being sent through a phone”
1:58:46ABC on Trump FISA Act “mixed message”, “exact language that appeared on Fox & Friends” lie, “cue the chaos on Capitol Hill”, “does he know FISA?” to Huckabee Sanders
2:04:02Spot the Spook: “low-ranked celebrity” Moby to WFPK on posting Fusion GPS information to social media at behest of “active and former CIA” friends, “where there’s smoke there’s fire” (CotD); TtK unamused by Moby sleep album; anti-Trump New York Daily News formerly owned by real estate rival Mort Zuckerman, sketchy 1990s bailout by mob
2:14:12Kodak and blockchain “fintech”; Adbank “Über of digital advertising” ad à la Let’s Get Social
2:18:45Donation Segment: “anachronosynchronously” listening; JCD recommends leg of goat
2:47:43JCD predicts CES flu epidemic; Tamiflu-induced psychosis in six-year-old, BBC “more harm than good” from 2009, bullcrap “sixteen hours of symptom relief” meme, side effect roster
2:55:48CES “Alexa: flush my toilet”; toilet lids for hiding “gaping shithole” and in airline toilets
3:01:26Social media backlash, Facebook stock drops over algo tweak, three-second video “view”
3:03:21Aborted landing near miss at SFO; JFK “horror show”, $100bn for infrastructure “investment” by 2021, push for ATC privatization, NextGen “satellite radar technology”
3:08:12Stephen Paddock search warrant affidavits unsealed, girlfriend helped load magazines
3:13:23I, Tonya film and depiction of Harding’s mother as abusive, ACC “bristle side down”
3:16:51Vanderbilt medical resident Eugene Gu suspended over “take a knee” photo, suing Trump over Twitter blocking; “Tide Pod challenge” on YouTube; William LeGate shadowban detector