Call Clooney!

998 Service Burro (2018-01-11)

Show 998 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What’re they gonna do, they can’t hit the side of a barn with these missiles!” (0:26:52)
0:00:36CES power outage; ACC recalibrating touchscreen in Windows NT style GUI
0:04:53“Jane” in Duluth “the only certified therapy donkey in the area” bullcrap
0:09:48Trump kudos from Moon Jae-in for “bigger button” tweet enabling Winter Olympics delegation; JCD on giant stadium “dancing girls” show; 33 German gold medals in 1963 Olympics
0:15:59Karl Rove on 1896 smear campaign against William Jennings Bryan; Mental Illness in U.S. Presidents between 1776 and 1974: A Review of Biographical Sources; Alan Dershowitz: 25th Amendment “designed for people who are totally incompetent, not people who you disagree with”; Noam Chomsky: collusion story a distraction; JCD on overblown North Korea hysteria, Trump “Outer Burro Borough” style; Zen TV Experiment; Microsoft “Bingtone” jingles
0:31:38Golden Globes: condescending Seth Myers on “American dream jobs” for hairdressers; JCD on overlooked tentpole films; Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams reshoot pay gap, ACC on Hollywood wealth shame; tentpoles overlooked because of screener DVD piracy; Weinstein accusers disinvited, red carpet activist plus-ones, ACC: “it looked like bring your negro to work day”; Dwayne Johnson presents Golden Globe Ambassador award to daughter Simone
0:44:50President Oprah meme insinuated into Santa Barbara mudslide, half-dead Stedman Graham; ACC bottom line: “boring”, Dutch singer Gordon misses the “wear black” memo
0:49:16Wolff Fire and Fury bootleg PDF making the rounds; to Colbert: “everybody is lying in their own particular way because that’s what you do in the Trump White House” (CotD); Wolff needles pissed-off forgotten author Katy Tur: “nobody saw this book coming”, “I work like every journalist: I have tapes, I have notes … I’m not in your business”, “read the book … if it rings true it is true”, JCD: “that is exactly why hoaxes work”, Tur tries to nitpick factual errors: “as somebody who wrote a book about Donald Trump”, JCD: “Tri-Delts, Tri-Delts!”, Wolff’s three fact-checkers, ACC: “is this guy gay?”, “it’s called work product”
1:12:15Producer Segment: Pluto Network Gorilla Channel
1:27:18ABC on H3N2 flu outbreak, JCD: Relenza “powder that you inhale”, sweetened horn honk
1:32:29New York contractor Anthony Rinaldi on crane operators making $400k; tax bill unintended consequences with 529 plans; social justice investor Jana Partners and “iPhone addiction”
1:45:46ACC on Microsoft’s current counterculture position, Windows Mixed Reality “cliff house”; CBS on Leonia New York banning commuters on residential streets to combat traffic apps
1:55:49Warren Buffett: cryptocurrencies “will come to a bad ending”, odd cacao bean conflation
2:00:28Donation Segment
2:09:44Democracy Now on Julian Assange’s “untenable” situation, JCD predicts Ecuadorian citizenship and diplomat status; Nigel Farage suggests second referendum
2:12:50Project Veritas takes on Twitter personnel eager to help DoJ
2:17:12Norman Finkelstein on potential cut to UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Gaza refugees, Tom Friedman New York Times “verbal blow-job” op-ed on Mohammad bin Salman; lightweight Jared Kushner family’s Harvard bribe; Wes Clark-like “taking out Iran”
2:30:11“Sneaky” Dianne Feinstein releases Fusion GPS testimony, Chuck Grassley irked, gleeful Mark Meadows calls for FISA application release; FBI’s Bruce Ohr demoted for second time
2:39:38California mudslide “evacuation fatigue”; JCD on collapse staved off by market manipulation
2:44:46IKEA ad coupon when peed on by pregnant women (BCotD); Concordia University English Department harassment; Baltimore hospital “patient dumping”; Berkeley City Hall tent city