Call Clooney!

997 Competitive Victimhood (2018-01-07)

Show 997 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Y-y-shut up, can’t you read English?!” (0:39:16)
0:00:33Producer note on Intel Spectre flaw and branch prediction “go fast juice”; ACC wowed by Windows Mixed Reality home, JCD: “one step closer to insanity”, trip to Microsoft Store at The Domain, Minority Report style; JCD tip: browser switch to bypass NYT firewall
0:14:14CDC nuclear war preparedness, “they don’t want people to freak out”, JCD: “buy iodine!
0:16:18Mobile Windows Mixed Reality and Stephenson’s Snow Crash; female-hostile CES booth babes, no badge policy “so that attendees can quickly identify a harasser” (BCotD), JCD booth babe photos “good practice”; Ajit Pai cancels CES appearance over net neutrality death threats; ACC predicts flimsy harassment accusations, JCD proposes #MeToo pussy hat
0:25:08Dead woman found in Santa Cruz man’s car trunk; terrorism charges for white supremacist trying for Amtrak derailment; FBI goading in Everitt Aaron Jameson Pier 39 terror plot
0:29:20Dimension B all-in on Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury; Trump Gorilla Channel hoax with South Lawn TV transmitter; Dave Winer Facebag rant, JCD: “they want to believe the worst”; CBS “should Steve Bannon be fired” B-roll, “treasonous” meme, JCD: CIA wanting Kushner out
0:41:54ABC “buttslam” on “sloppy Steve” war, “like a child” meme, “mentally unstable”; Politico debunks Bannon insults; “these incidents not confirmed by ABC News”; Trump brings up libel laws; ABC on “hair on fire” White House; JCD on Democrat de-marginalization strategy
0:51:31Dimension B: Colbert on Trump’s planned loss, The Producers “happy Nazis”; Seth Meyers on Golden Globes “difficult things” to talk about, black dresses for #MeToo #TimesUp movement
1:03:24Producer Segment
1:11:03Sexual Harassment Update: Roy Moore “on my butt-ocks” accuser’s burned house; today’s excrement roster: another Columbia Professor, Huffington Post “feminist” wife abuser, two Vice executives; Franken replacement in; Golden Globes “admitted sexual deviant” prediction
1:18:22Psilocybin for Dimension B depression “heightened amygdala responses to fearful faces”; calm-inducing romantic partner scent, JCD nixes “stink shirt” scheme, actress Old Spice fetish
1:25:42Flu vaccine 10% effective; “four children crippled by the flu” in spite of shots; Austin charity event pertussis warning; JCD Tamiflu & Relenza tip; note on Kraft cheese minimization
1:36:17Dinosaur eggs found in China, JCD: “what are they worth?”; Thiel Capital Eric Weinstein to Reuben Report on “multi-decade conspiracy” downplaying state of STEM education for “lower-cost labor”, academic growth “Ponzi scheme”, “there’s no job an American won’t do”
1:46:13CBS on closing of neglected Baltimore schools; Heather Mac Donald on UC Berkeley “highly-competitive totem pole of victimhood”, $20M for equity diversity and inclusion
1:57:44Lame pun-fest on Jeff Sessions reverses policy protecting marijuana sales; Michael Smerconish urges action by Congress, drug testing for unemployment benefits; JCD on need for marijuana prohibition Constitutional Amendment; Cambridge study on alcohol DNA damage
2:07:51Sinclair Broadcast Group fined for not identifying sponsored content; Forbes “bribes for blogs”
2:13:12Donation Segment: Newsletter JCD podcast rig drawing contest; BPitU trophy
2:23:12Three Belts No Roads: $255+M in Pakistan assistance nixed by State Department; Cyprus-Israel undersea “extension cord”, organ trafficking arrest; al-Baghdadi the new Belmokhtar
2:31:45SEC Bitcoin warning, miners off Tel Aviv exchange; Long Island Iced Tea Blockchain Company
2:34:46Boston high tide equals global warming; NSA Booz Allen contractor steals 50TB of classified data; Iran back to “death to America”, Iranian producer: nothing to do with egg prices
2:44:23Gretchen Carlson to NewsHour on Miss America “amazing life skills”, JCD: “string bikinis!”