Call Clooney!

996 Rats on a Plane (2018-01-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yeah, uh, whihhh.” (2:39:04)
0:00:35JCD garbage day confusion, “you just throw your shit out the window”; Intel chip Meltdown “glitch” fix with potential 30% slowdowns; JCD jostled awake by Berkeley earthquake
0:06:49CBS on “bomb cyclone” vs “bombogenesis”, “it’s something that happens every year”; “yeah baby” iso; frozen-faced woman on the street; CBS “classic bad segue”: “but first, the Arctic chill between President Trump and his former chief strategist” from Jeff Glor (BCotD); John P. Holdren and 1970s global cooling; 9° average temperature; Chicago to tie 1936/1895 cold record; icy Georgia roads, snowy Tallahassee palm trees; JCD on 1970s snow in San Francisco; polar vortex contributing to global warming meme, ACC on LEED certification power outage
0:19:00China to regulate Bitcoin mining power usage; chocolate to disappear by 2050, Mars & “brainiacs at UC Berkeley” gene-editing cacao, JCD: “put an egg on it by the chocolate people”
0:22:04ACC on food analysts shrinking packaged foods and boosting addictiveness; Amazon mac & cheese button from producer; Amazon Echo patent for “statements of interest” surveillance, JCD on hacking personal surveillance device; New York Times on bundled computer games spying on TV habits, JCD on useless butt-dialing audio vs ACC on music “sound signature”
0:37:46Trump nuclear tweet media hysteria compilation, Anand Giridharadas: “never have we seen a man whose profound sexual and masculine insecurities are literally threatening to annihilate the planet”; Reagan “we begin bombing in five minutes” joke, Soviet high alert reaction: “the Russian might have been drunk” speculation; JCD on pro-Hillary “pantsuit brigade”
0:46:22Trump Rotation “unhinged” phase, Democracy Now on Goldwater Rule vs “duty to warn”, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump author on shrink “coalition”, “discourse with us”, “loose grip on reality”; JCD on keeping Trump Rotation in the news for 2018, bogus bestseller status; Facebag “Pantsuit Nation” group
0:58:57Producer Segment; Sir Anonymous CPA: billionaire taxes increasing across the board
1:15:58Producer screenshots from employer’s Tinder-like “behavior scoring app”
1:19:29Oregon to allow self-service gas stations, JCD: “margin squeeze”
1:21:11Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: bogus Trump Jr. “treason” meme, Kushner whipping boy; CBS on Bannon “lost his mind” tweet, “I like Mr. Bannon” whipsaw; CNBC on “my button works” tweet; NBC puker on Ivanka-Jared political aspirations, bullcrap Trump Rotation “slob” story
1:36:34Jeff Sessions “good people don’t smoke marijuana” crackdown; Trump to announce “the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year”, JCD: “James Woods”
1:41:21MGTOW “Men Going Their Own Way” “statement of self-ownership”; war on gamers and deadly Kansas swatting incident, sketchy NPR YouTube caller clip, Rep. Katherine Clark on upcoming legislation, JCD: “these guys are covered with body armor!”
1:55:27Study links CSR Corporate Social Responsibility to employee “shirking” via moral self-licensing
1:59:41Donation Segment: Dvorak Awards for Excellence in Communication and frame relay
2:08:48Alaska Airlines 915 cancelled in Oakland due to infestation by rat, rambling passenger names rat Mark Davis, ACC: “service rat!”, JCD: “industrial espionage”
2:11:59Iran’s place among Wes Clark Seven; Daniel McAdams on Ron Paul Liberty Report: “they all woke up one morning and eggs were expensive”, “peaceful protestors” like in Ukraine; new CIA cabal Iran Mission Center, MEK Mujahedeen-e-Khalq conveniently removed from terrorist list; Obama diplomat Dennis Ross “corrupt government” talking point, NCRI National Council of Resistance of Iran’s Maryam Rajavi: “regime change in Iran is within reach”; CNN panelist’s “do you stand with the Iranian people” slogan, “leading sponsor of terrorism” meme debunked
2:22:58Netanyahu denies Israeli involvement and goads Iranians on; Mike Pence blathers at Voice of America’s Greta Van Susteren about social media reach;
2:32:09Martin Kaplan & Norman Lear Center media influence revisited, anti-CIA NCIS
2:34:33Bogus New York Times Trump interview arranged by Chris Ruddy; Nikki Haley “we don’t think we need a Band-Aid and we don’t think we need to smell smile and take a picture”
2:36:24CNN New Year’s Eve dope-fest, Anderson Pooper gay-fest with Andy Cohen, Pooper outrage over cancellation of voter fraud investigation due to uncooperative states
2:44:07Huma Abedin’s forwarded passwords to Yahoo account; California middle school “leaning in” for rape victim teacher, hipster “deeply deeply saddened with what’s transpired and that just makes me very very sad”; 1975 Harper’s Magazine article and SJW state hospital closings “de-housing” leading to “war against homelessness”, JCD on blame for Reagan, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest propaganda