Call Clooney!

995 Missile by Nike (2017-12-31)

Show 995 album art
0:00:00ACC: “It’s brain science, man!” (2:42:57)
0:00:32ACC wins Dutch Marconi Oeuvre Award, Windows routing fixes; Rino the Bearded top 100
0:06:21Tech News: CNET “what new phone takes the best selfie?”; iPhone slowdown apology
0:11:43Trump “war on Christmas” Fox “dog whistle”; MSNBC’s Ari Melber blames 1920s John Birch Society pamphlet, JCD on Ford paying big bucks for Henry Ford pamphlet, John Birch Society founded 1958; ACC’s Scientology E-meter from producer
0:16:20#IranProtests initiated by Trump; NBC on “coordinated” response from administration; 40% spike in egg prices and Arab Spring; 90-day nuclear deal renewal deadline; RT on US assistance to ISIS, “new group” to take on Iran and Syrian “Shia axis” for Israel
0:25:05Nikki “clippety-clop” Haley poses with bogus Houthi missile debris from Saudi Arabia: “just imagine if this missile had been launched at Dulles Airport or JFK”, Russian SCUD-Bs with Iranian “logo”, ACC: “it’s the Nike swoosh!”; ACC on failed 2009 revolution and Hillary’s techno-experts, “they killed Michael Jackson”, CIA Travolta & Cruise predictions
0:33:59New Year’s Eve “women’s safety areas” in Germany to prevent rape sexual assault
0:36:11CBS on Long Beach gunfire incident: “police say the incident is over” code; “arctic blast” in Northeast, Trump “good old global warming” tweet; global warming hiatus “mini Ice Age”
0:44:49Trump Rotation “insane” phase, staged New York Times interview, no collusion “repeated sixteen times”, “unsupervised freewheeling on Twitter”; creepy CNN spying on Trump golfing, administration “have tried to obscure the fact that President Trump golfs on a regular basis”
0:56:09Pastor Lance Wallnau predicts uptick in Trump Biblical quotes; JCD on Rev. Peter Popoff
0:59:41Producer Segment: Black Mirror recommendations; harmless Israeli passport stamps
1:22:36Confusion over tax reform impact on charitable giving, LA Times predicts reform will “devastate” giving by removing incentive; JCD “dirty little secret”: donations as regular income
1:38:37San Diego State University professors: farmers’ markets “insidious white spaces where food consumption habits of white people are normalized”, San Diego “douchebag farmers’ market!
1:40:26New York firms offering new pet “pawternity leave”, JCD: “they don’t want anyone with kids”
1:43:40British military “caused a stir” requiring gender-neutral language, JEDI Joint Equality Diversity and Inclusion unit; Trump-hating busker David Ippolito lauds Robert Mueller in concert
1:53:35Brussels Origami Project folding cardboard tents; Democracy Now on one-way bus tickets out of town for homeless, The Guardian “homelessness editor” blames Reagan, JCD on Mimi’s fruitless attempts to involve Port Angeles churches, “everyone hates these people”, Key West deportations; ACC on 27-acre Community First! Village tiny homes, JCD on one-bedroom cottage “ratchet”, “starving to death” for $40k down-payment, credit “reverse saving”
2:12:40Donation Segment
2:24:15KQED: make cities “exciting and joyful and engaging” to save planet, plug for Matt Damon Downsizing; producer note on Spielberg Ready Player One war on gamers over Trump win
2:31:32Airlines testing airport face recognition, “it just amazes me, the technology”, TSA testing fingerprints; Southwest A-group, one-leg, and service goat boarding groups
2:38:30Sesame Workshop’s $100M MacArthur Foundation grant for Syrian refugee programming, in-home “direct services”; Dr. George Land on NASA creativity test in children; learning to spot fake news in Seattle schools, National Association for Media Literacy Education; Common Sense Media “Five Ways to Spot Fake News”; plug for Howling Chickens 4-H Robotics Team
3:00:02California marijuana 10-30% price increase with new recreational law; CHP last-48-hours bust