Call Clooney!

994 Scromit (2017-12-28)

Show 994 album art
0:00:00JCD: “You know, I know a lot of guys who knit.” (1:51:12)
0:00:33“Unorthodox” pending Dvorak Christmas; ACC’s in Lincoln Park Chicago with gas-less Airbnb fireplace, JCD on cold- vs hot-weather skin pores, TtK’s mother: “you’re a good man, Adam”; Show 993 with the odd “you fell for it”, no evidence of unimplemented net neutrality rules, “pay extra for Facebook” meme, Pieczenik’s pushback via compliment, producers’ ill-conceived third show idea; no one watching on New Year’s Eve, Fox News B-team
0:12:16Millennial-triggering stimuli: non-sequitur “that’s racist”, Aric the Shill the token black Dvorak, Merry Christmas “bonanza”; Trump Christmas tweet and war on religion, “holiday” from “holy day”; “Hanukkah Harry”, no mention of Kwanzaa, Donald Trump Festivus meme
0:20:45Dashcam video of 20k homeless in LA, ShadowStats numbers finally trending down
0:22:51Bill Gates admits $400M Common Core failure, Next Generation Science Standards, JCD’s Intel NUC and computer education; GMU Law’s Bryan Caplan to Tucker Carlson recommending college for 5% of US population, JCD takes exception with “high-earning major”, influence of Foothill College history professor, producers listening to various obscure podcasts
0:35:25Obama to Prince Harry on BBC podcast: “as a former Constitutional lawyer”, “everybody had a common set of facts”, JCD: “in the forties!”, “entirely different realities”, JCD on Obama’s Dimension B POV, ACC: Balkanization “the DNA of the internet”; NPR on “hackathon” for fake news browser extension “Open Mind”, “see your own bias” dashboard (BCotD)
0:45:55WHO to recognize “gaming disorder”, JCD: “fantasy football”, “no advertising” theory
0:54:36Producer Segment: Santa’s Husband album art issue; ACC triggered by fake service dogs
1:33:50Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt on Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, “challenging the student’s fixed beliefs”; Danish students’ Wi-Fi experiment on cress seeds
1:39:51Bomb squad called for Steve Mnuchin’s horse manure package; Bernie Sanders gripes about tax bill benefiting billionaires, JCD’s variable cycle trigger, Bitcoin and Gaddafi gold dinar
1:45:53Southwest flight attendant’s impromptu Houston gate concert
1:49:44Facebag outrage over Vanity Fair video encouraging Hillary not to run again: “take up a new hobby…: volunteer work, knitting”; New York Times on black voter turnout for Doug Jones
1:54:19“Dangerously cold” weather in US; Canadian website: Santa Claus relocating to South Pole
1:56:37Matthew VanDyke on CFR spook work in Middle East, NDS “combination CIA-FBI” National Directorate of Security in Afghanistan, blamed for Taliban capture of Kunduz
2:04:15Joy Reid delighted with “Binomo” independence prank call to Nikki Haley, JCD: “now MSNBC has become the Jerky Boys”; Sheila Jackson Lee grabs airline seat and calls objection racist
2:08:59Producer note on routine Civil Defense siren tests in Hawaii as CBS fake news
2:11:48Ozy admits purchasing bot traffic for its sketchy celebrity profiles
2:16:27Donation Segment: Nixie tube clocks; upcoming Show 1000 “one-nil-nil-nil”
2:32:00War on Weed: UK “scromit” epidemic migrates to US, “smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed” victim, “cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome”, ACC on connection with hormone replacement
2:38:45Clip Blitz: Library of Congress to archive only “significant” tweets; It’s a Wonderful Life labeled communist propaganda by FBI; eating vegetables “like kale” staving off dementia
2:41:04FBI investigating All Nippon Airways 175 return to LAX over two passengers on one boarding pass, ACC: “no way!”, fuel shortage theory, JCD on sketchy Japanese pilots
2:49:25Apple stock 2.5% plunge over iPhone X rumors; CBS Trump-Russia whipsaw, Mueller “round one”, Flynn guilty plea distinguished from FBI lying; voting machines hacked by Russia meme