Call Clooney!

993 Let Them Speak #1 (2017-12-24)

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0:00:32ACC in Chicago, JCD in last-minute Christmas shopping men’s club; ACC’s recent history with Infowars and Steve Pieczenik, JCD’s “let the guy talk!” principle with no interruptions, ACC surprised at first D-V-O-R-A-K URL spell-out
0:06:03ACC’s interview with Steve Pieczenik: “nobody really wants to hear what I have to say” dating back to medical school and before, Young American Artists and WNYC appearances on piano, English as second language alongside Spanish and French, parents’ escape from Cuba to the US, “seductive” French penchant for embroiling US in unwanted wars, myth of “counterinsurgency” in Vietnam; rock & roll “what America means to me” in Harlem
0:13:41Influences of writer/physicians Somerset Maugham, A.J. Cronin, and Arthur Conan Doyle, and playwright Sidney Kingsley; Vietnam draft “the agreement I made with America” for US citizenship, “I was the last one to order a lobotomy” at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the criminally insane, applying principles of psychiatry to foreign affairs at MIT under CIA
0:21:09Training in social media prior to Al Gore’s invention of the internet; bribing Soviet officials at Kashchenko psychiatric hospital with Wang computers for access to dissidents, “in reality I’ve never been employed by the CIA”, ad hoc military-CIA working arrangements, unwillingness to work with Henry Kissinger, post-9/11 amateurs George Tenet and Michael Hayden
0:33:49First task in 1970s State Department the evacuation of officials in Vietnam, Office to Combat Terrorism reorganization, “coward” Jane Goodall and ransoming of 17 Stanford students captured in Tanzania, plight of foreign service officers battling addiction; application of psychoanalysis to Hirohito and Hitler by OSS; cracks in the facade of the Soviet Union in the 1970s; Hedy Lamarr and Julia Child as case officers, Greta Garbo used as a Swedish asset, revisionist history of Raoul Wallenberg, “absurd” Anne Frank story with percentage of Jews killed lacking a German presence, 76,000 Jews rounded up by French police
0:50:17“Manifest story” vs “latent story” and under-appreciated role of USSR in WWII victory, CIA efforts to promote Boris Yeltsin, KGB “who?” for Putin, “our intelligence services work very closely together”; recruitment of Middle Eastern ambassadors in 1977 Hanafi Siege, refusal to stand down on orders of Pres. Carter, incompetent FBI unable to rappel down building; kidnapping and death in Italy of Aldo Moro; recommendation to get out of Tehran along with the Russians ignored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Charlie Wilson’s War as CIA propaganda
1:10:29“Never become an ally of the United States” from Gen. Antonio Noriega, reprimand from Uncle Don Gregg; CFR “a cross between neocon idiocy … and a nursing home”
1:18:09PhD thesis on terrorism and counterterrorism in fiction; JFK’s undiscussed medical and psychological issues and predictable assassination; the internet and the breakdown of the nation-state, “water wars” between Pakistan and China; Alex Jones’ ability to “intellectually riff”
1:33:069/11 and the failure of the CIA under Bush and Cheney, Obama’s Russian-speaking mother working for CIA in Jakarta, Bill Clinton’s prostitute mother; Robert Mueller’s appointment two days before 9/11; loyalty to the Republic rather than the President; disappearance of ISIS and failure to topple Assad, Afghanistan “barely a country”
1:45:33US vs China in science and mathematics education, Xi Jinping’s mistake in going after internet, the importance of guanxi, Xi’s Cultural Revolution humiliation; the rise of US “crony capitalism” exemplified by Google “spoiled brats”, debate over the merits of net neutrality; Trump’s failure to carry on his tradition of firing people right and left, no predictions for 2020
2:06:45Outro: JCD proposes the occasional holiday interview show in the future