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992 Robo-Trump (2017-12-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “Did you read that’s white privilege … it’s racist … it’s … sexist …!” (2:28:22)
0:00:38The virtue of silver Sharpies for labeling black plastic
0:02:08Shipping carriers in high gear, “are you seeing any glitches in your delivery system?”; porch booby traps; ABC “plug-o-rama” native ad, “great time to buy bling”; Boston University professor claims Jingle Bells “originally performed to make fun of African-Americans”; Santa’s Husband book, “they always manage to kiss and make up, usually over a plate of milk and cookies” (BCotD); counterfeit Fingerlings toys
0:19:07ACC Steve Pieczenik interview for Christmas show, possible eidetic memory
0:20:34Sexual Harassment Update: Linda Sarsour accused of being enabler; awards season #SheKnew Meryl Streep attack by Rose McGowan, “and that cannot stand, and it will not stand!” whipsaw; Franken “un-resigning” challenge, Sen. Joe Manchin on “Al Franklin” hypocrisy, call for bogus “rigorous ethics examination”; Theresa May loses minister Damian Green to porn scandal; UCLA study: males 38% of sexual assault victims, ACC: “you don’t want to go to prison”; Department of Education “preponderance of evidence” for sexual assault cases
0:36:53McKayla Maroney suing USA Gymnastics over settlement nondisclosure agreement; ESPN President John Skipper resigns over substance abuse, JCD: “I’d like to see sumo”
0:42:32Goat White Christmas, JCD: “hey, our goat!”, dog We Wish You a Merry Christmas
0:45:32Bitcoin drops from $19k to $15k, Cramer still all-in, “S-curve of adoption” meme; Coinbase halts Bitcoin Cash over possible “insider trading”, “understand the fundamentals” meme
0:52:19Twitter policy: free speech “means little … if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up”, “the behavior is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest” Trump exception
0:55:45Producer Segment: another severed foot discovered
1:11:26GOP tax bill bonuses and wage increases; lavish NDAA budget, $60bn Middle East “special war account”, bipartisan warmonger support, “they’re fixing the potholes in Iraq!” (JCDPPotD); Dave Winer blames only GOP on Facebag; $8.5bn for North Korea missile; Kaspersky ban amendment, JCD: Stuxnet payback; GOP “exquisite presidential leadership” butt-kissing; CBS “trademark zest for superlatives” over “jobs, jobs, jobs” whipsaw, bogus approval ratings
1:28:12Adam’s Gonna Read His Facebag: MTV group thread “come on, asteroid, where are you!”; college required for interns, ACC story: shitstorm over TV Guide interview Madonna comment
1:40:42Charlotte Iserbyt to Infowars on The Change Agent’s Guide to Innovation in Education program, odd Dutch “… huh?” suffix, “new communist values for world government, huh?”; JCD on college prep tracks, AP classes for over-4.0 GPA requirement, ACC on Dutch testing regime
1:55:03Lines of Credit, Ropes of Bondage; Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker to Bloomberg panel: income inequality “undermines our vision for a more just and fair world”, “shotgun shack” origin, “we’re gonna make big grants for big impact”; website video pushing minimum wage
2:09:17Donation Segment
2:18:09JCD’s “happy hens” eggs linked to Farmer Chris in Austin; Dvorak Christmas after the fact; Cook County commissioner invites in UN blue helmets to fight “quiet genocide” (CotD)
2:26:00Bogus Carlin-inspired WaPo seven forbidden words; JCD’s “Chinaman” to trigger millennials
2:31:24Apple’s planned obsolescence scheme lowering processor speeds to “fix” failing batteries
2:34:56Disney Hall of Presidents “Robo-Trump” apparently based on Hillary prototype
2:37:51James Clapper on “what a great case officer Vladimir Putin is”; to fire or not to fire Mueller
2:44:18ONR $98M pilotless helicopter system, ACC: “how is Robo-Trump gonna fly the helicopter?”