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991 Milkshake Duck (2017-12-17)

Show 991 album art
0:00:00JCD: “This sounds like a cheap plot to an old Columbo film!” (0:43:59)
0:00:36Sarah Silverman anti-nationalism and 1954 Reece Committee report, Norman Dodd on “collectivist” nonprofits, 1908 Carnegie Foundation meeting plan for war using State Department, control of history education using Guggenheim fellowships, Rhodes scholar program
0:18:24Dodd on Dimension B researcher Kathryn Casey losing her mind; social justice education grants; Rhodes scholars Illuminati list; education “pressed into service of a political nature”; former KGB trying to take credit for scheme; Vietnam War promoter Rhodes scholar Dean Rusk on useless campus war protests, Berkeley swapping in passive Chinese students, JCD: “you were right, we’re doomed”; Sir Atomic Rod on foundations pushing nuclear energy fear
0:31:57Nomiki Konst meltdown at Democratic Unity Reform Commission over budget woes and losing “easiest presidential race you could possibly imagine”, $700-800M for five consultants, Americans “being rounded up by ICE”; Mimi’s stories about glowering fat female goth Democrats
0:39:23Facebook ex-executives Chamath Palihapitiya & Sean Parker warn about impact of “short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops”; TtK’s daughter’s friend on psychology major recruitment; WHO “well-being” definition; hypnotic Facebook video on well-being research, “writing a comment on a friend’s post”, Carnegie Mellon researcher on “longitudinal data collection” (CotD); kids all-in on Talkspace online therapy, JCD: “this is like Miss Lulu’s psychic hotline”
0:56:49Producer Segment: JCD on “small batch” Oregon Pinot Noir
1:19:24Dodd on “unamerican” vs Constitution; twenty years of Australian gun control ineffective
1:23:09Sexual Harassment Update: Where the Boys Are “get those lungs!”; Interior Department officials fired; Dustin Hoffman allegations; Kevin Spacey replaced by Christopher Plummer; petition for takedown of Balthus’ Thérèse Dreaming, Mouton Rothschild 1993 label; ten counts for Gymnastics Canada coach; Dennis Hastert chaperone order; Andrea Ramsey election “courage” vs harassment payoff; Doug Jones: “I don’t think the President ought to resign at this point”; Daily Caller predicts House resignations; Al Franken out with Hillary camp
1:46:12Spontaneous human combustion in London, JCD on True Magazine article on peed-on Hell’s Angels jeans “originals”; new California guidelines for lowering cell phone RF exposure, France banning use in schools; Papa Murphy’s unsafe un-fake cheese; Balthus the Polish pornographer
1:55:39Bitcoin over $19k, CNBC comparison with tulip mania and Beanie Babies; globalist “sucking money out of system” meme, JCD recommends real estate, difficulty of being “nimble”; Dennis Rodman promoting Potcoin on The Late Show, unable to pronounce “cryptocurrency”, Kim Jong-un “more of a kid than anything”, ACC proposes Uncle Don meeting with Rodman
2:09:28Made in NY Podcast Training Certificate Program
2:10:20Donation Segment
2:16:23Oxford English Dictionary word of the year “youthquake”, runner-up “milkshake duck”
2:19:50Canadian oil price collapse because of “too much supply”
2:24:12Narcan shortage; 60 Minutes tease; Nevada & Nebraska considering fentanyl for executions
2:27:29Peter Strzok “Textgate”, FBI or NSA leak, Andrew McCabe alias theory; Jim Jordan on dossier, Strzok “thought he was super agent James Bond at the FBI”; DoJ deputy’s wife working at Fusion GPS “applied for” ham license; Lawrence O’Donnell: Strzok “referred to Mr. Trump as A-douche”; JCD’s David Brooks toilet paper; Trey Gowdy on Strzok calling First Family “douchebags”; former FBI assistant director: “he belongs behind bars”
2:42:57Jimmy Kimmel net neutrality rant; KQED “dance can embody the meaning of climate change”