Call Clooney!

989 Stick Controls (2017-12-10)

Show 989 album art
0:00:00ACC: “And kids, of course, are going nuts for ‘em!” (0:51:19)
0:00:34ACC’s CBD & THC lavender salve; archival JCD IBM PS/2 review, new jingle machine
0:06:24Sexual Harassment Update: Al Franken: resignation “in the coming weeks”, Minnesota and “her challenges”; CBS: resignations putting “more pressure on the GOP”, Trent Franks quits over surrogacy discussion; ABC on Blake Farenthold’s $84k settlements, Mary Bruce whipsaws; Gayle King to Sen. John Thune: “you look as good in person as you do on TV” (CotD)
0:18:41CBS on Trump’s “discredit one accuser” Florida stop for Roy Moore; no precedent for ethics investigation for pre-election behavior; Cokie Roberts on women’s suspicion of white-collar accusations; Vice panelist: “forty years ago in Alabama, there’s a lot of mamas and daddies that’d be thrilled if their fourteen-year-old was gettin’ hit on by a district attorney” (CotD)
0:27:08Monica Crowley on Democrat attempt to “remove Hillary from the national conversation”; Franken’s book Lion of the Senate, Kamala Harris for 2020; “taking photos without consent” as UK hate crime; Today on Harvey Weinstein “untouchable FOP” friend of David Pecker; Columbia Journalism Review on newsroom douchebaggery; CBC call for academia harassment stories; “good luck with that” closing jingle; JCD proposes workplace makeup ban
0:42:06Jim Cramer predicts bitcoin “kibosh” and “shenanigans”; investor Roger Ver: “one of the most important invention in the entire history of humankind”; Deutsche Bank “worry a bit” about current trends; Ethereum CryptoKitties; CNBC “bitcon” flub
0:51:57Producer Segment
0:59:33Silicon Valley companies hiring “ambience models” to mingle at parties, JCD: “this is not
even close to being new, or a trend”, chip company “killer hookers”
1:07:18Inadequate “stick control” leads to snow in Austin; power outages in South
1:09:11Facebag rant blaming Republicans for California wildfires, David Ippolito on “Don’s dentures”; JCD on fireproof vs firestorm-proof safes; Grand Tour five-day electric car fire, Jeremy Clarkson on Iraq war “because some Saudi Arabians destroyed the World Trade Center”
1:19:51“Thanks Obama” for economy, 1930s Austria comparison, Trump “dingo!”; ABC on 4.1% unemployment, C-SPAN economist: 33% outside labor force; 401(k) bumps, Austin full-time errand services; Austin raid on drug-dealing homeless; music bed CBS on homelessness increase
1:32:59Scientologist producer note on E-meter images misrepresented as fruit machine
1:38:20Palestinian “three days of rage” anti-Trump montage, Chris Matthews on “totally erratic decision”, Clinton/Bush/Obama empty Jerusalem promises; CBS on Bethlehem “battleground”
1:43:10Democracy Now on New Delhi smog nine times safe level
1:43:55Kirstjen Nielsen new DHS head; DoD audits; Al-Shebab Terror Laptop of Doom; Democracy Now on German pilots refusing flights “in solidarity” with Afghans, JCD: “lies!”; German €3k for self-deportation, Karl Lagerfeld condemns Merkel; Ethical Journalism Against Hate Speech “best practices” list; racist LBC caller; mosque bacon vandal gets to 15 years in prison
2:04:39Donation Segment: Just Bing It jingles; Patreon fee change outrage
2:20:43FBI’s Christopher Wray grilled about pro-Clinton Peter Strzok; Mark Toner to Matt Lee in 2016: “no problem” with talking to Russians; Mika “noose is tightening”; Jared Kushner thorn in Trump’s side; stolen K. T. McFarland e-mail; FBI Las Vegas shooting botches
2:34:25Heather Nauert: Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream “would reinforce Russian dominance”
2:39:47Trump “in rare form” distorts black home ownership; vulgar Pussy Scouts of America rap
2:46:34Producer CRISPR technology note; Iraq ISIS victory, US to remain for “foreseeable future”