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988 Don’s Dentures (2017-12-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Just Bing it, just Bing it, dat-da-dat-da-dat-da-dat-da-dah-dah, just Bing it!” (2:07:12)
0:00:36Rainsticks for California wildfires
0:02:58Sexual Harassment Update: ABC on Democrat “coordinated effort” to oust Al Franken; pending resignation; Tina Dupuy The Atlantic article citing nonexistent Franken defenders, Roger Stone tweet six hours before Tweeden reveal, “not that I had an interest in politics and grandstanding” waist grab selfie story, “I didn’t let my husband touch me like that in public”
0:15:16JCD on “bullying” against Franken; Lois Frankel outraged over staff that “need an instructive manual that tells them that they must keep their pants on in their office”; due process vs anonymous accusations; Democrat strategist: “I think we can all agree that we’d be better off if the women were in charge”, ACC female CEO list; Shervin Pishevar, Gotti film pulled ten days before release, Danny Masterson, James Levine; Spacey-less House of Cards to continue, Matt Dababneh masturbation assault “in my workplapes”; ACC story: hitchhiking incident
0:30:42Facebook flags “men are scum” as hate speech; Gene Simmons to BBC: “go to the cops”
0:34:42Local report on California Proposition 47’s effective decriminalization of theft
0:37:50Time Person of the Year “the silence breakers”, Taylor Swift on cover, ACC on rise of sex robots; Today “politeness kills” complaint medley; Page Six TV on Matt Lauer’s “boy club”, dingbat uptalker on Today cold sore shaming; JCD predicts cooldown after Alabama election
0:52:33NPR On Point: “no white men” nominated for Album of the Year, caller distressed that previous caller was a white male, Tom Ashbrook: “I think he was celebrating” (CotD)
0:58:43Producer Segment: Mathison E-meter manual in shownotes; 23andMe African “1% or less”
1:16:04Today gaffes: Amy Winehouse “you know I’m dead” and Martin Short’s deceased wife
1:17:36$78M Bitcoin theft from NiceHash, JCD on futures contracts and soybean delivery; ACC on majority attack and US crashing Chinese economy theory; One Global Democracy video, blockchain for online voting, ACC: “you can tattoo the number on your arm, it’s really cool”
1:29:45Google’s ironic lack of YouTube support on Amazon hardware in face of net neutrality ruckus
1:32:09UK culinary ineptitude: “these are not hamburgers!” (JCDPPotD); Bosch washing machine “saving tons of energy because it’s off!”; British university proposing CRISPR GMO rats
1:41:57Power outages and low water pressure fighting California wildfires, Tesla fire trucks coming
1:45:00“Don’s dentures” malfunction in speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital: “God bless the United Shashe”; Chelsea Handler hate for “proper trollop” Sarah Huckabee Sanders
1:54:47Jim Quinn reads “Trump Rotation” message from producer Thomas Kilbride
1:57:22Donation Segment: plug; search page
2:07:37Swedish podcaster on loaded RPG found in Stockholm; Tony Blair: “I think it’s possible now that Brexit doesn’t happen”; Justin Trudeau: “we are not going to be able to create … catastrophic global warming”; 2008 Good Morning America dire predictions for 2015
2:12:36Democracy Now Clip Blitz: SCotUS go-ahead for Trump travel ban; disputed Honduran election; prison sentence for VW senior manager; Al Green’s impeachment resolution killed; Democrat tax bill hysteria compilation: “we are all going to die”; Trump ditches cluster bomb ban; former Yemeni president killed; Mikheil Saakashvili rescued from police custody
2:20:44Amy Goodman on Trump shrinking Utah monuments by “two miwwion acres”
2:23:54White matter damage in Cuba sonic weapon victims; UK marijuana users “scromiting”
2:30:42New Brighton city council degenerates into white privilege shitstorm: “I probably know many more people of color than you do!”, JCD: “wouldn’t it be better if women ran everything!”