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987 Kebab Panic! (2017-12-03)

Show 987 album art
0:00:00JCD: “A word to the wise!” (2:08:15)
0:00:36ACC now running entire show on Windows, Apple’s USB issue allowed to “fester” for six months, JCD on struggling with Linux distributions, young girl in iPad ad: “what’s a computer?”; ACC on Windows’ automatic file order modifications, Mark of the Unicorn hardware
0:09:16Brian Ross suspended over false report that Trump directed Flynn to make Russia contacts before election, stock market “freefall”, ABC “clarification”, Flynn’s “crippling legal fees”
0:15:07Scripted Joy Behar “oh my gawd!” over “breaking news”; CBS on guilty plea and Mueller’s search for “any other crimes he may find along the way”, Martha Stewart penalty, Jeff Pegues in “rare form” on calls to Kislyak; Major Garrett: Trump “neither angry nor frustrated”
0:27:56Ross’ suspension without pay vs firing; ABC’s Pierre Thomas on potential grand jury testimony; Comey “let justice roll down like waters” tweet; ABC legal analyst: “then you have President Trump saying, oh, it’s great that President Putin didn’t retaliate
0:36:13Democrat “stunned disbelief” Senate tax bill hysteria; Facebag: “the devil is now in power!”
0:43:11Five-year license extending EU use of glyphosate, Merkel reprimands agriculture minister for voting in favor, potential distraction phosphate in kebab meat, ACC all-in on shawarma, JCD on MSG and umami; JCD’s Turkish mechanic all-in on Erdo─čan’s modernization program
0:56:01Producer Segment: EMT Chad’s CBD evangelism; invitation scroll from Michigan Local One
1:16:43Justin Trudeau thanks We Demand an Apology Network; Mathison “fruit machine” technology in Church of Scientology “E-meter” electropsychometer; L. Ron Hubbard’s IRS issues; $500 1953 Mathison catalog, JCD’s desire for Enigma machine
1:23:54Sexual Harassment Update: Jill Filipovic op-ed “The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election” suggests Hillary vendetta against Lauer, Rose, and Halperin; Jeff Zucker “I didn’t know this Matt” vs “general knowledge within all ranks of NBC”, Ann Curry back in headlines, Russell Simmons’ sexual assault resignation; NBC memo “first complaint about his behavior”, JCD: “this is a lie”; Norm Macdonald on News Museum “visited twenty times by Matt Lauer”
1:33:27Nancy Pelosi: “Congressman Conyers should resign”; Conyers lawyer “c’mon now!” on 2011 firing and Barrister Ball photo; backlash against Pamela Anderson and Angela Lansbury; JCD story: woman-hating PC Magazine salesman’s date with Communist trailer park booth babe; Al Franken breast-groping accusation by Stephanie Kemplin; Kandahar live No Agenda plans
1:46:04CBS on psychiatrist arrested for brainwashing cousin to kill ex-boyfriend, lawyer: “Pamela Buchbinder is an educated psychiatrist, not Wile E. Coyote”; CBS whipsaws on replacing Mike Pompeo with Tom Cotton, Rex Tillerson “I have never considered leaving this post”
1:52:50Donation Segment
2:02:56Wired to erect paywall; Vidme video sharing “creator first” platform goodbye note: “monetizing user-generated content is increasingly challenging”, YouTube still likely operating at loss; net neutrality recap, Portugese ISP “30 hours of Facebag” propaganda, “lawful content”; JCD on British Telecom public Wi-Fi blocking
2:16:03JCD on Bosch washing machines in Europe with 2.5-hour cycles, not-drying dryers
2:18:32“Actress” Meghan Markle, Screen Extras Guild; story at UN women’s event: fictitious letter-writing campaign to Hillary Clinton and Gloria Allred at age eleven over dish soap ad
2:25:36Hepatitis A “vaccine”; flu vaccine 10% effective; Dengvaxia linked to more severe cases
2:30:44Kathy Griffin’s house sells for $4.4M; Hawaii air raid siren tests, medical marijuana gun grab; Minnesota adds autism and Tourette’s to medical marijuana whitelist; White House vermin