Call Clooney!

986 Fruit Machine (2017-11-30)

Show 986 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Oh, it’s to the mooon!” (2:23:16)
0:00:33New Skype experience, JCD: replacement Microsoft Redmond campus “looks like crap”
0:04:08JCD’s London meetup, ubiquitous department stores, Gatwick Duty Free, new Oakland passport scanners, dog shit and foxes, British Air’s surplus Qantas system; American Airlines “glitch”; Tube platform gun panic; no bangers, useless Yelp and Simpson’s-in-the-Strand
0:19:44Sexual Harassment Update: Charlie Rose “tell me about the sexuality”; CBS on Garrison Keillor fired for “consoling” woman, A Prairie Home Companion’s liberal appeal; Matt Lauer to Anne Hathaway on 2012 “wardrobe malfunction”, Clinton takedown theory, on-camera “nice view”, friend Jeff Zucker with same look; “current NBC News management” claims ignorance, Variety on NBC ignoring complaints, ACC on hiring like-minded people, New York Times and Variety working on story for “weeks and months”, Sochi Olympics assault; ABC on “stunning headline”, Savannah Guthrie “heartbroken”, JCD: “I don’t believe a word of it”
0:35:01ACC on meeting “icky” Lauer at airport; CBS tacks on Trump “inappropriate sexual behavior” and Pussygate needling, ACC on Access Hollywood “you can” vs “I did”; CBS on John Conyers and Congress “leading by example” for Trump; ACC predicts multiple Hollywood comebacks
0:42:48UC regent Norm Pattiz “can I hold your breasts” to podcaster Heather McDonald doing bra ad; It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World “preposterous preoccupation with bosoms”; One America News on officer Faye Gary’s family drug business and grudges against Roy Moore
0:55:23Producer Segment: Show X love
1:07:08Moorish Zwarte Piet, Dutch-Canadian woman mourns controversy; Canadian anti-discrimination bill, SJW Justin Trudeau on 30-year “gay purge” against “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirit community”, $85M compensation package, First Nations “two-spirit”, “absurd device known as the fruit machine” (CotD), single person clapping for apology; ACC on dodging homeless in Austin, JCD: “no, you have to pay tolls”; Trudeau “whether you discover your truth at six, at sixteen, or at sixty” numerology, “thank you for your courage”
1:25:49Spot the Spook: international studies graduate Meghan Markle engaged to Prince Harry, introduced by handler mutual friend kept anonymous because “we should protect her privacy”
1:31:58Trump’s “Pocahontas” jibe at Navajo code talker event, Elizabeth Warren on “racial slur”, repeated “it hasn’t worked in the past, and it’s sure not gonna work in the future”
1:35:10PBS on North Korean Hwasong-15 launch, “reaching Washington D.C.” meme; Trump sales job: “we will take care of it”, berates Schumer & Pelosi, “General Mattis can attestify to that”
1:43:18CBS on Trump retweeting three “largely discredited” videos from Britain First’s Jayden Fransen, ABC on “extremist videos”, JCD promotion theory, no one invoking “fake news” meme on videos; NewsHour once again fails to articulate dissenting view; pro-immigration mayor of Altena Germany injured in knife attack; SPD “hammered in the polls” predicted
1:57:13Show X correction: Show 179 double nickels on the dime origin; Infowars donation
2:00:18Donation Segment: “firebottles” = vacuum tubes; plasticizers in mac & cheese
2:15:46Student hunger strike over “manipulative sexual predator” University of Rochester professor
2:18:3720% Bitcoin swing, margin trading, Dutch family sells everything to buy; deanonymization for liquidity; CNBC shilling for Coinbase: “the Bitcoin gods want me to buy it!”
2:28:47CBS on Jeff Sessions dodging question about “unprecedented” Harvard affirmative action investigation; Dalhousie University “emergency hijab kits”, JCD on tube top yanking
2:36:36CBS poison dog treat story conveniently omits all relevant details such as manufacturer