Call Clooney!

985 Clip Job (2017-11-26)

Show 985 album art
0:00:32JCD unable to see Zephyr in London; first Sir Ramsey Cain best-of episode in a while
0:02:00“If you’re one of over 50 million adults who suffer from a sore mouth...” (484@2:45:58)
0:02:27Erin Burnett steamrollers Harvard law professor’s “violence in our media” (484@1:39:40)
0:07:53Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed by MKULTRA children of Sandy Hook (483@2:53:39)
0:09:36Ragu “veggies” ad and Yelp “yum” reviews (JCDPPotD) (139@0:43:13)
0:11:14Guess the Movie: 2012, “the Mayans saw this coming thousands of years ago” (485@2:51:52)
0:14:22ACC bans listening to sped-up show: “you miss all the nuance” (543@2:23:36)
0:15:40JCD story: Barbara Boxer trying to pick up inspectors, idiot Feinstein (550@1:26:16)
0:18:08Al Gore sexual assault allegation; Bruce Jenner car crash video released (742@2:26:53)
0:24:02No Agenda utili-kilts and camo-kilts
0:24:24Second Half of Show: fireball over Madrid, HAARP plasma; classified meteorites (505@2:28:25)
0:30:36KSM girl band babes (483@1:23:52)
0:31:35Thanksgiving “what are you thankful for” traditions and origin story (JCDPPotD) (123@0:29:36)
0:36:47Guess the Movie: Conan the Destroyer (584@2:33:00)
0:38:50JCD steps on ACC clip with “this better be good!”
0:39:09Dr. Oz’ preferred after-sex food “soaked nuts” (473@2:19:55)
0:40:06JCD on propagating fruit trees, PBS on “cloning” Washington’s cherry trees (504@2:08:27)
0:43:38ACC’s proposed reaction to ubiquitous “it’s so funny” (742@0:10:41)
0:45:26C-SPAN “if I can shit in your mouth” call-in question (783@1:11:57)
0:46:58Heteroflexible Man jingle; Guess the Movie: Terror of Mecha-Godzilla (586@2:47:19)
0:49:36ACC gas leak or skunk? JCD Skunk Awareness Week (597@1:19:52)
0:51:22CVC’s Namibia Jungle VIPs fake tribe debacle (543@2:12:17)
0:58:22Pop quiz: book with 300k in 2009 to-date sales Atlas Shrugged (137@1:14:47)
0:59:46Finnish producer’s kid’s English test calls Obama “Barry” with birther memes (500@0:22:13)
1:03:03Donation Segment: TtK’s daughter writing paper on pharmaceuticals and mass shootings
1:08:04“Trompe” water-powered compressor and hydraulic energy storage (543@2:06:41)
1:10:24Producer note on NOAA “party boats”, sex party scandal (794@2:16:11)
1:14:16Second Half of Show: former CIA talks Roswell & Area 51, Reich and desertification (512@1:52:55)
1:23:55Guess the Movie: Eraserhead, ACC: Blazing Saddles (597@1:47:26)
1:26:24JCD talks “prison prep”, ACC: “ is already taken” (597@1:52:46)
1:29:20Muslim doctors implanting explosives in women’s breasts according to MI5 (171@0:28:51)
1:30:41TSA “Blogger Bob” Super Bowl tips, “valid identification at all times” (ACCPPotD) (484@1:46:22)
1:36:40Guess the Movie: The Dark Knight Rises in Spanish (605@2:37:13)
1:38:18ACC on reading Inspire magazine: “I can’t seem to get radicalized” (609@1:39:01)
1:38:40Wonder Woman vs the Nazis clip, “nein nein nein nein” jingle (483@1:27:46)
1:39:39Second Half of Show: flat earth and lighthouse visibility; NASA composite photos (783@2:22:53)
1:47:12Obama “considered a native son” in Kenya (742@1:33:13)
1:48:27ACC reads two-week soldier name list; Pelosi on “oath of office to protect and defend the American people”, ACC: “that is not your oath of office, bitch!!” (ACCPPotD) (522@2:39:21)
1:50:19Death Wish IV “dialogue of the decade” overacting (607@2:25:38)
1:52:02“Global Warming’s Six Americas” quiz classes JCD as a “dismissive” (509@0:48:00)
2:01:55Second Half of Show: dead “part alien” operative Jeffrey Lash (742@2:32:49)
2:04:15Guess the Movie: Ghostbusters for JCD, Death Wish III (608@1:30:08)
2:06:33Berkeley residents unable to make left turn (JCDPPotD) (550@1:36:34)
2:07:39X10 home automation system for JCD’s mother (504@0:14:40)
2:09:17School pastor on tactical response team paintball fight with “angry parent” (517@1:43:18)
2:12:27JCD on $10-17 in tax money per person to run a primary (JCDPPotD) (752@1:15:40)
2:15:42And Now Back to Real News: emergency condom shipment for Vancouver Olympics (178@1:06:28)
2:17:32JCD: self-proclaimed “geek girls” need ham radio licenses (473@2:34:49)
2:19:24Entremets, ACC’s 142° for “what temperature” (584@2:31:32)
2:20:51Guess the Network/Movie: NatGeo’s Alien Invasion and Thor: The Dark World (628@1:56:50)
2:25:45JCD on playing cowboys and Indians, disappearance of cap guns (517@1:31:57)
2:26:44JCD’s squeaky mike stand and Ranch Hand spray lubricant (669@2:26:47)
2:27:53Ill-advised listening from Show 1, ACC’s desire to quit after Show 100 (634@0:02:31)
2:29:52IBM exec lobbying for CISPA, Hollerith punchcard system for Third Reich (505@2:44:44)
2:32:42ACC supposedly following Britney Spears on Twitter
2:33:47Fun fact: TASER Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle (512@0:51:05)
2:35:09ACC on ham radio podcasts: “they all suck balls” (517@0:54:15)
2:36:36The four essential ingredients in anti-North Korea propaganda (505@2:48:07)
2:38:40War on Weed: NPR psycho mom “when you’re a kid, nope”, “zero-tolerance policy … which involves urine testing at home if we think we need it” (CotD) (609@1:55:00)
2:43:43Guess the Movie: Frankenhooker (830@2:54:27)
2:45:47“Too much cleavage” iso (543@2:45:41)
2:46:16Outro: JCD UK meetup stories for Show 986