Call Clooney!

984 Show X (2017-11-23)

Show 984 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Wheh, my voice is too fast!” (0:16:01)
0:00:37JCD Thanksgiving story short version: “it’s bullshit”, Canadian Thanksgiving also bullcrap
0:03:47Show X to replace Shows 200.5 through 200.8; No Agenda origin story, ACC flying between Guilford and San Francisco, Virgin Atlantic goodies; 2010 CNET meeting story; stoned ACC amused by Luciferized JCD welcoming “new Obama overlord” on Show 55, ACC’s elusive UK high-bandwidth connection, HSPDI dongle; Show 200 new gear, years of headphone delay
0:16:05Universal Audio setup acquired in Texas; extreme latency in Show 1 opening, JCD’s lie about listening to shows by ACC & Patricia; ACC: “forty minutes is pretty much the max, I think”; JCD “for the show, please don’t listen” clips, lame rehearsed MSM, AudioRack Suite
0:24:17Influence of Family Guy “Weenie and the Butt” episode; “no meetings” policy, Geoff Smith “in the morning” rimshot and PPotD segues; evolution from anecdotes to media assassination
0:32:42Show 200.X guesswork; first “in the morning” jingles February 2009; Show 68 “Crackpot & Buzzkill” opening; baked ACC “I love that, fantastic”; Show 69 “Crackpot & Buzzkill in the morning”; Show 72 pre-produced opening with jingles, Dave Fox voiceover, music from Logic Pro; ACC’s intent to call it quits after Show 100, No Agenda Countdown opening by Parker R. Snyder, missing Show 22 and “expurgated” lost episode, Bob Dylan jingle
0:45:06NPR CEO Vivian Schiller “sponsorship, underwriting, advertising, call it whatever you want”, JCD on user-supported novels, interview disruption by “hard breaks”, psychological hurdle of asking for donations, cheap “chip in” models, legacy $2 per month “loser”, Andrew Sullivan’s online magazine with fixed subscription, Patreon limitations; ACC’s departure from Mevio
0:57:24Donation Segment: interesting jingle requests; jingle effectiveness
1:01:33Producer questions: how do you want to be remembered, ACC on “you really changed my life” and media illness, JCD on “original thinking”, Mevio-funded dinners; why the vinegar fascination, JCD on toxic mother of vinegar; “play clip three” suggestion, Mark Levin & Michael Savage, clip guessing and “how the sausage is made” video; knighting audience; podcasting “Hell of shilling tongue brushes and razor blades”, JCD on being comfortable taking checks
1:14:11JCD and ACC noisemaker rosters; continuing show through Trump presidency; pre-stream Sintolt, der Hegeling “Cinco de Mayo” Valkyrie superstition, “break glass” abbreviated version
1:24:14Producer recap recommendations: pipeline theory from Show 426, TTIP, at-odds political ideologies, Ukraine, Wes Clark Seven, Mr. Oil and petroleum economy; ACC’s difficulty remembering names; JCD’s Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers; JCD’s lack of headphones and use of noise gate; JCD’s writing and DH Unplugged; no feedback from irked negativity targets; ACC’s gold bar long gone, sitting on free Bitcoin; producer all-in on flat earth movement
1:37:35“Announce the knights of the KB” vs “pronounceticate thee” from Scott Shannon; peerage.htm; voidzero’s infrastructure stewardship; ACC’s subtle Tourette syndrome, mute pedal and sniffing episode; popular M5M meme; Dude Named Ben origin from Lois Lerner IRS scandal; iso “isolated” clip; hours per day monitoring media, RSS and Freedom Controller; double nickels on the dime attributed to Sergeant Fred, $69.69 streak; microphone and headphone selections
1:57:48Mike Singletary “our formula is this: we go out, we hit people in the mouth” from JCD, separate “new world order” clip; space theories; NJNK and karma origin, JCD’s Pelosi “jobs jobs jobs” with cheering; JCD on Newsletter as necessary reminder; Lerner IRS recap
2:11:49Donation and e-mail best practices,; 33 and Rubicon; knighting sword sounds; jingle submission guidelines; where in the world is Victoria Kagan Nudelman?