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983 3 Belts No Road (2017-11-19)

Show 983 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Aww yeaah, my momma lives in the same house we live in!” (2:45:08)
0:00:37The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By
0:01:13Sexual Harassment Update: Melanie Morgan accuses Al Franken; “mock groping” meme; Zerlina Maxwell “spectrum of behavior” meme, Franken’s “more benign behaviors”; Paula Jones “payola”, Maxwell howls over “Hillary Clinton went after Lewinsky”
0:14:04Hillary aide Jennifer Palmer to MSNBC on “political weaponization of sexual harassment”, complains about McConnell’s call for ethics investigation “appropriate thing to do”; Chelsea Handler to Bill Maher: “we have to believe every woman”; sexual harassment definitions
0:24:58CBS on Juanita Broderick & Lewinsky cases; Fox on Bill Clinton defenders “on the wrong side of history”, Pelosi & Behar callbacks; Jeffrey Tambour and Ryan Seacrest, TED mashers; ACC story: Gene Simmons “who do I have to blow” at MTV
0:33:52Complaints against Kevin Spacey at Old Vic theater, disdainful “seeking treatment”, JCD on single-season House of Cards; Jeffrey Tambour’s transgender mashing; CBS “story blending” segue from Hillary scolding to Jared Kushner request, cuckoldry allusion; Bill Paley and CIA
0:44:53OBOR: JCD: “you just named three belts!”, Spanish prosecutor for Catalonian leaders dies “mysteriously” in Buenos Aires; Human Rights Watch branded video on rape by Burmese military, snake-tongue by witness; anti-Mugabe demonstrations; Chinese envoy in Pyongyang, Trump considering state sponsor of terrorism, JCD Red Book: US embassy in North Korea
0:56:40ACC predicts “El Niño and/or polar vortex”, gripes about cohosting requests in his name
0:59:17Producer Segment: in jeopardy; new Show X to replace Show 200
1:12:50“Kick out Zwarte Piet” vs “Anti-Piet-Demonstrators” truck drivers; Apple’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion fired for not hating white people; Microsoft adopting circle logo
1:20:14ABC hit piece on Trump friend Tom Barrack and Starwood Waypoint; Disney kid Demi Lovato’s troubles; Jeff Flake urged to run for president in place of “idiot” on hot mic; Maxine Waters: “I encourage people, and I inspire people, and I show people”, ACC: “I’m great!”; Tom Steyer “mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons” ad, JCD: “the guy’s a drip”
1:34:49Phrase From the Chaise: “drip” from 1932, “stupid, feeble, or dull person”
1:38:05ISIS cyberattack on French TV5Monde; Austrian student files Facebook class-action lawsuit; Amazon same-day delivery in Austin, ACC on 2nd Street $8k electric bike shop; JCD: all three clips from November 2011; TtK and ultra-paranoid Samsung security with “void” sticker on phone camera; hacked Malmo24 FM plays ISIS nasheed; forgotten Show 100 opening
1:52:10Foreign Policy: no troops from Netanyahu for Lebanon, Pieczenik: intervention by “our guy”
1:53:37No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: first seasonal flu fatality under 65, JCD fast-forward, “you may get a different strand of the flu later on”, over-65 vaccine FLUAD chock full of adjuvants
2:03:38Donation Segment: Nieman Lab on media company layoffs due to Facebook & Google
2:15:03JCD’s failure to invest in De Beers; Raj Pink diamond fails to sell at Sotheby’s, synthetics & money laundering; Bill Gurley on Bitcoin “incredible store of value”
2:22:45Parliament to vote on EU withdrawal agreement details; Mark Demesmaeker on Soros “friends list”; £400M transfer to Iran, journalist Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe; Canadian pot dealer opposes legalization: “we need to be shown a sign of respect for what we done to get the industry to where it is now” (CotD); Australian host on gay marriage vs crocodile attacks
2:36:44“Tax break for billionaires” meme, Orrin Hatch gripes about “this bullcrap that you guys throw out here”; Russia-Crimea bridge story with fat Russian stereotype (JCDPPotD)