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982 Support Squirrel (2017-11-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Politeness is dead!” (0:48:33)
0:00:351970s crazy California weather cycle repeating itself
0:01:46Radio host Leeann Tweeden claims Al Franken “forcibly kissed her … and then posed for a photo with his hands on her breasts as she slept”, Franken statement: “shouldn’t have groped her in the photo” (CotD); Rep. Jackie Speier launches #MeTooCongress, Claire McCaskill “did you bring your knee pads?”; “member in a towel” for staffer, Lindsey Graham all-in on naming names, new transparency and out-of-pocket settlement legislation in the works; Sexual Harassment Update jingle; Gretchen Carlson secret proceedings revisited; $16M in taxpayer money over a decade; Times Higher Education “culture of denial around sexual misconduct in academia”; NBC booker Matt Zimmerman dismissed, John Travolta in hot water with masseuse, JCD “where’s Gore?”, Biden and female Secret Service agents
0:15:41Biden’s four hours on Today Show:“middle-class Joe”, pseudo-announcement of candidacy, Promise Me Dad reference, run-together “we’re better-positioned that any nation in the world to own the twenty-first century – no, we really are – that’s not hyperbole” imitated by JCD
0:23:59Mark Cuban on AI’s potential impact on “people who just deal with data and scheduling and moving things around”, disruptions to “lower-hanging fruit”
0:29:18Hoax recording of WaPo journalist offering money for “damaging remarks” about Roy Moore; CBS on additional accusations, Republican write-in campaign à la Lisa Murkowski, phony high school yearbook signature story, JCD on yearbook committees, lack of more recent incidents
0:38:50Tom Sizemore “accused of touching an eleven-year-old girl’s genitals”
0:41:57Debbie Reynolds in 1955 film The Tender Trap: “a woman isn’t really a woman at all until she’s been married and had children”; Industrial Society and its Future, “broad” Elaine Stritch; white Floridian “Ja Du” living as a Filipino, “I would never say it was a privilege to be unhappy with yourself all the time”, Rachel Dolezal parallel self-identification, SoftBank’s Korean Masayoshi Son, JCD: “if you’ve got 63 genders, this is nothing compared to that”
0:53:22Australians vote for gay marriage, reports with “goofball-looking guys” and obese lesbians
0:57:06Producer Segment: 10-year celebration “twice as long, half the news”
1:14:27Narcissistic Maxine Waters at Glamour Awards, “I’m claimin’ my time, and I want you to claim your time”, “impeach 45!” call and response, ACC: “if she were speaking German, it would’ve sounded like Hitler with that crowd”; JCD: best route to presidency via governorship
1:23:39Twitter begins “great unverification” for accounts that “promote hate”, JCD to hate Facebook
1:26:39Nigel Farage to European Parliament on Paradise Papers investigation funded by George Soros, $18bn for Open Society Institute, “book of reliable friends”, Verhofstadt lobbying for Soros against Viktor Orbán, “I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international political collusion in history”, ACC: “boom count two!”, “Belch” Guy Verhofstadt; Mike Morell “great question” on CBS This Morning, scripted TPP question, “TTP” flub
1:37:42Over-the-counter painkillers nearly as effective as prescription; massive Acadia Healthcare addiction treatment center growth driven by Obamacare (BCotD); Afghanistan opium production up 87% in 2017; Karzai tweeting bile about US troop hike, $1 Trump unverified wager, US “violated Afghan sovereignty in every imaginable way”; Steve Pieczenik unaware of poppy theory, agreement to do interview uninterrupted by Jones; JCD “no no no, N-O” iso
1:49:09And Now Back to Real News: CBS “Trump drinks water” story, Rubio review: “needs work on his form” with two-hand “squirrel” grab; shitstorm over reversal of ban on trophy elephant heads; JCD gripes about plum tree squirrels, Florida man facing eviction over “emotional support squirrel”, Texas service goat “going shopping with mommy”, Wheel of Fortune millennial with “fur children”, Rudy Sarzo’s “dog-ter”, JCD: “has the dog got a medical degree?”
1:59:43#MeToo candidate The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson; Hannity sponsors in crosshairs
2:02:27Donation Segment
2:09:21NBC on gamers “facilitating the rise of the alt-right” via Discord messaging service, Gamergate and Trump supporters, complaint by mother claiming James Alex Fields “struck her in the head and locked her in the bathroom because she told him to stop playing video games”; ACC: KKK playing Call of Duty “with their hoods on”; one in twenty teens “self-cyberbullying”, JCD: “being a victim is great”, ACC: “give your child a service squirrel”
2:18:26Time-Meredith publishing deal in the works with the Koch Brothers
2:19:35Necrophile Randall Saito escapes Hawaii hospital to be arrested in California, “ticket apparently booked online from the hospital”, ACC on January 2018 implementation of Real ID Act, JCD: controlled test, “I believe this guy was chipped”; Abilify with embedded chip approved
2:29:53NYT on NSA TAO Tailored Access Operations “insider or several insiders”
2:33:24UCLA basketball players read prepared statements thanking Trump for intervention
2:35:21Northern California shooter Kevin Janson Neal “crazed maniac” photo, “thirty rounds in six minutes!”, school lockdown due to shots a quarter mile away, ACC: “when’s the last time you actually heard an automobile backfire?”, JCD story: backfire-inducing downhill pollution district hill, ACC story: LPG Saab 90 choke “feature”
2:42:20CBS on Robert Mugabe coup, former secretary and successor “Gucci Grace”
2:46:21California Rep. Brad Sherman to BBC 4: “questions about the Clintons will not be put to rest until all of their enemies are put to rest”