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981 Talking Tubes (2017-11-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ooh, I love me the smell of a ditto.” (0:43:31)
0:00:36ACC still in transition to Windows; iPhone X cold weather freeze fix “will likely come in the form of a software update”, iOS 11 “i” autocorrect issue; Thunderbolt 2 lock-in workarounds
0:05:49Nigel Farage’s 12-year affair with aide; Newsweek “Pop Go the Weasels” cover, “is Donald Trump next?”; UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon resigns; US Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal; “huge” JCD prediction: academia, ACC: “gonna be groovy”
0:13:25VoD vs Mainstream: New York Times on Louis C.K. inflicting masturbation on five women, Mimi’s “all comedians are perverts” and walk out of room strategy; Alisyn Camerota at CNN town hall: “has it gotten to the point where men are afraid to compliment women?”, ACC: “yes!”, Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry “right”-fest, “it was only three years ago … that I began to ask these questions of myself”, ACC “preemptive coming-out, of sorts” theory
0:21:14George Takei “shocked and bewildered” over assault accusation; to Howard Stern: “some people are kind of skittish or maybe afraid, and you’re trying to persuade” (CotD); Ellen Page outed as gay by director, Anthony Edwards molested from age twelve, HBO removing all Louis C.K. content; NBC phishing “consumer alert” targeting Netflix, Lester Holt: “age-old advice that never gets old” on clicking links; 2013 Netflix-Weinstein agreement
0:33:55Jack Kingston counters Sally Kohn with Bill Clinton: “he was impeached for perjury”; Maher to Chris Matthews: Kennedy “fucking a mafia courier”, Matthews: “yeah that was a problem”
0:37:14JCD on sexual revolution Democrats and NAMBLA, Delaware age of consent lowered to 7 in 1895; Judge Roy Moore story released just ahead of election, journalists’ “weeks in Alabama” doing research; Moore to Hannity: “I don’t remember ever dating a girl without the permission of her mother”; CBS on Romney’s “new standard” for evidence
0:51:30“Stunning admission that the GOP is not a party of family values”; Moore “crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual immorality” rant, “sexual predator” meme, JCD on inclusion of oral sex in sodomy, Democrats perceiving Moore as hypocrite; Harvard “Anal 101” workshop, ACC: “you can’t have it both ways – apparently at Harvard you can”
0:58:15Brooks & Shields “fake news” meme; ACC on Dutch culture vs US Puritanism and over-sexualization, “look at Japan”; Charlie Sheen accused, Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard “sexualized”; 500% increase in SAG hotline calls; Brooke Shields age 14 in Blue Lagoon, Susan Sarandon’s breasts; JCD fake outing of ACC
1:11:11Producer Segment
1:18:31Finish the Sentence: Moore suggested “9/11 was an inside job may have been God’s punishment for America”; report on TSA “high-tech contraband” detection failure rate at about 80%, Democrats irked over security fees paying national debt instead of “new high-tech scanners”; California gas tax hikes and Kwartje van Kok, “temporary” bridge fees; Newsletter tent city photo, “Obamaland” vs Salesforce Tower; Hepatitis A for Metallica concertgoers
1:28:36Richard Dreyfuss the flasher, Dutch “pencil salesmen”
1:30:38Donna Brazile to Bill Maher: “I just called him a bad mothafucka!”; tepid Tucker appearance
1:32:03South African students protesting Cecil John Rhodes monument, JCD: “the internet must go”
1:34:52JCD on need for good VPN; forced iOS upgrades, intrusive website notifications, Google HTTPS scare tactics, idiotic “leave this site?” warnings, ubiquitous trackers; Facebook’s Sean Parker “social validation feedback loop” bullcrap, JCD story: mimeograph “top ten girls”
1:44:46AI & machine learning at Lisbon Web Summit, Stephen Hawking warning, Ben Goertzel’s “decentralized” AI, Max Tegmark, ACC: “AI is OZ”, JCD 30-year cycle, “deep learning”, Alexa “talking tubes”, JCD: “how ‘bout fixing the potholes on Highway 80?” (JCDPPotD)
1:52:28Record-tying cold weather at O’Hare; disgraced NPR executive Mike Oreskes’ sister Naomi predicting 2023 “pet holocaust” due to global warming; ACC’s local crotch-sniffing dogs
1:56:26CBS “unsettling news” on Boeing 757 hack revisited by DHS just in time for Dubai Air Show, large Emirates 787 order, JCD on difficulty of filling A380s
2:00:48Wes Clark Seven; service goat scream for nasal BBC woman droning on about “turmoil” over Hariri resignation; PBS: Hariri denies Saudis are holding him prisoner, Tillerson calls for Hariri return; 4chan user “Q” theories; M5M silent on Vegas; Twitter as “go time” signal
2:12:20Donation Segment: congratulations for Aufwachen! podcast’s 250th episode
2:22:01Polish Independence Day Antifa demonstrations; Spanish government considering legalizing referenda, general strike and rail shutdowns; Silk Road map updated to include African plague regions, ACC: expect on sacrificial American, ebola-like Marburg virus, JCD: vaccines coming
2:26:53M5M not touching Trump’s unprecedented dinner inside China’s Forbidden City, JCD on popular worldwide “cheeseface” perception; 4chan Q rumblings about Obama involvement with North Korea; China’s fear of Korean reunification
2:31:29Alzheimer’s drugs for Congress; Nancy Pelosi contrasts Trump statements on China trade deficit, “you can almost hear the leadership of the Chinese government laughing … if you dig a hole here, you will reach China”
2:34:28Joy Reid invites Lawrence O’Donnell to compare Trump to George Wallace
2:38:16Mark Cuban considering running for president in spite of #MeToo, $3bn; and
2:41:20Robert Mueller investigating Michael Flynn plot to kidnap Fethullah Gülen, ratted out by James Woolsey, 2014 extradition clip
2:46:02Sir Atomic Rod advises against just hitting the road after nuclear incident; radioactive ruthenium-106 cloud over Europe; EU deadlock over glyphosate licensing, “no firm link” in US study; ACC’s iPhone goes nuts, last show’s echo from 43-inch screen
2:51:02NPR on Trump-Putin conversations at Apex Summit: issue of “Russia’s interference in last year’s presidential election, which has been pretty well established by US intelligence agencies”, JCD: “fake news!”; Alt-right report tease for next show