Call Clooney!

980 King Tide (2017-11-09)

Show 980 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Uh, bin al Tolidapalilam.” JCD: “Al-Waleed bin Talal” (1:55:32)
0:00:37JCD on Zephyr with original observation car; ACC battling Skype “we’ve upgraded your experience”, Windows transition, no circle for iPhone X, overpriced Surface machine vs Alienware
0:04:33Trump condemned for mentioning Women’s US Open in Korea, ACC: golf “bigger than NASCAR”; Fox “retards” laughing at cheeseburger order in Japan, JCD on US businessmen poisoning Japanese with beef; CDC PSA for “radiation emergency”: “get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned”, “if you have pets, bring them inside with you if you can”, ACC: “for food”; ABC on Trump’s more optimistic stance on North Korea relations, Texas church shooting “extreme vetting” non sequitur; “call an Über” for millennials in radiation emergency, JCD on San Francisco Ford bikes, discarded bikes like in China
0:19:51“Chevy truck month” at Country Music Awards, audience taken aback by Taylor Swift writing award; ACLU involved with Swift’s threatened lawsuit for blogger over alt-right accusation
0:25:08And Now Back to Real News: Heather Unruh accuses Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting 18-year-old son; ABC on son and sister at grandmother’s house, ACC: crotch-grab “gay for hey”; “Hollywood gay guy” to Tucker on Spacey “good gay in Hollywood” scenario; producer theory: Hollywood going after Netflix and Amazon video on demand market
0:38:11“Paradise Papers” money-hiding documents leaked to German newspaper
0:42:23ACC: look for Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things revelations
0:44:19Kathy Griffin to BBC HARDtalk: “I can’t believe someone married you”, JCD: “she talks like she’s coked up”, faux meme vs phở, “I don’t have one single day of paid work ahead of me”, “don’t you mansplain”, blames photographer’s copyright, ACC on tangling with Dutch photographers, Griffin: “there’s never been a president who deserved to be shamed so much”
0:53:17Marc Benioff to Jim Cramer: “loyalty is dead”; No Agenda a true community; JCD on gimmicky loyalty programs like Emerald Club, Amazon deals and superior product search
0:59:08Producer Segment: EU age of consent botch; JCD’s “never marry an actress or an artist”
1:10:01Dimension B: “scream helplessly at the sky” on election anniversary, SNL “meet girls” event
1:15:29CBS on “highly diverse group of candidates” election wins, Alison Parker boyfriend Chris Hurst, “diverse Democrats”, “first openly transgender black woman … in the nation” (CotD)
1:19:32Chris Hurst “most traumatic five months” and relationship proof photo album retrospective
1:25:27Rep. Al Green announces “chief inciter” impeachment vote before Christmas
1:28:44Congressional efforts to “hold big tech more accountable”, Tumblr porn and Section 203; JCD on traditional media vs Facebook & Google over “stealing” ad revenue at minimal effort
1:34:48Helicopter crash for third in line in Saudi succession, Aramco books to be sorted out by Goldman Sachs; PBS “flubber” on corruption trials for eleven princes, 32-year-old Mohammad bin Salman modernization, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation in Saudi Arabia blaming Iran; CNBC on “revolution disguised as economic reform”, potential 30-40 years in power, “revolution from the top”; Lebanon hot spot, Jared Kushner and Wes Clark Seven
1:48:35Vegas shooting: Al-Waleed bin Talal’s investment in Four Seasons, owner of Mandalay Bay top floors, bin Salman assassination gone wrong theory; Trump Twitter outage and bin Talal’s insulting tweet; JCD on Lebanese natural businessmen, “Paris of the Middle East”
1:58:38Katy Tur to podcast: “Access Hollywood still had the tapes” insistence, “grab them by the pusseh”; Access Hollywood owned by KNBC, executive producer lawyer Robert Silverstein; Hilary Rosen: “I have a lot of ideas” for 2020, Tur’s ironic “sovereignty” comment
2:09:50Donation Segment: ACC’s Circus of the Stars “rocket car of death” found, coin changer
2:27:32Donna Gate: Tulsi Gabbard on DNC’s “retaliatory purge” of Bernie Sanders, “the DNC needs to be completely overhauled”, ACC: “I wish you lots of luck with that, Tulsi”; Debbie Wasserman Schultz repeated “I’m focused on doing the best job that I can to represent my constituents”, “just this past weekend we had king tides inundate parts of the coastal areas of my district”; Donna Brazile backpedals furiously on CBS This Morning: “I believe so” on Clinton-Sanders fair fight question, Hillary “life line of resources in order for us to compete”, “I said I felt like Patsy the slave … I was upset because we were hack’”; crap for ACC from producer over “racis’” BEV pronunciations, JCD on “broke” DNC vs Obama’s $1bn, expensive chairmanships, Phrase From the Chaise “coffers”; Brazile worried Seth Rich was killed for being white, “Hillary said she really had to go” when asked about reward fund
2:42:59CNN’s Abby Phillip: “in order to bring out African-American voters you might have to alienate some white voters” in Virginia; JCD on BEV crap from producer a form of racism
2:46:28Pardon the Interruption on three UCLA basketball players arrested in China for stealing sunglasses: “how stupid can you be?”, JCD: “what do they teach kids in high school nowadays?”