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979 Donna Gate (2017-11-05)

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0:00:00ACC: “Do it again, do it again, eh-ehhhh-eh!” (3:06:13)
0:00:33JCD “jacked up” because of DST end
0:01:58“Maybe six people” at Austin November 4 Antifa rally, “total LARPing on both sides”, JCD: “Vista of protests”, comparison of Windows OS releases; ACC transitioning to Windows; ACC on shooting clays for charity with Sir Gene, Brian Brushwood, New York banker predicting Tesla below $100, selfie with WWE’s Mark Henry; Mimi’s birthday, Whole Foods wine sale
0:16:06Bill Maher on Republican tax plan, Baby Driver, “everybody but Kevin Spacey thinks he’s too young”; Juliana Margulies on female complicity in Weinstein cases, “procurers”, JCD on Weinstein’s blackmail portfolio, potential two-to-the-head TMZ “wow!” for “travel pharmacy” photo; Larry David SNL Jews in Hollywood comment
0:27:23Also in hot water: David Corn, Soros manager, Dustin Hoffman; Spacey’s proposed Gore Vidal role, 2008 assault investigation; Weinstein evidence announcement by police; JCD: gay community “irked” at Spacey for staying in closet; Maher on Weinstein not making effort to be “rich and not entirely repulsive”; Phrase from the Chaise “masher”; JCD on mega-proposition strategy, ACC on being propositioned by gay guys, intimidating catcalls
0:39:08Reporters outraged at Santa Clara woman arrested for using stun gun to defend daughter in riot; TSA Pre✓ to enter Levi and Met Life Stadiums; Maryland schools up in arms over “it’s okay to be white” flyers
0:49:40Donna Brazile’s new book on Hillary’s pre-nomination control of DNC, ABC on Trump “calling Warren a name” Disney trademark defense and Tweet redaction vs CBS “Pocahontas”; ACC: “all the makings of a Donna Gate”; Brazile stammering to Megyn Kelly; possible “other shoe” to get rid of Hillary; Brazile’s bizarre timeline for ABC: “tremendous pressure” for Plan B after Hillary collapse, Stephanopoulos the Clinton shill, “being harass’ with death threats” BEV reversion, Seth Rich references, “High Command in Brooklyn”, “I’m not Patsy the slave”
1:09:22Producer Segment: Insta-Duke; Knight of ANSI C; 1JNK “one jingle no karma”
1:52:04Absurd “enhanced security” at New York Marathon; spate of bombings in Sweden, avoidance of term “no-go zone”; “war on strippers” in New York City over stolen tips, JCD story: stripper tour with PC Magazine guy with Windows tattoo
2:02:07302 Marine recruits in San Diego sick from E. coli outbreak
2:04:33Walter Isaacson’s “spook” look, new Leonardo da Vinci book, globalist Rhodes Scholars, “he was illegitimate, left-handed, gay, vegetarian, heretical”, Colbert “you’re welcome” to scripted “great question”, JCD: “of course he didn’t read the book”
2:10:50Saudi Arabia intercepts Yemeni long-range missile fired at Riyadh in proxy war with Iran; 11 Saudi princes fired in corruption purge including Bakr Binladin, “President Trump thanked the King for military purchases” including $15bn for THAAD, Aramco listing on US exchange
2:19:36JCD on Jeff Sessions’ “double dip” retirement; George Papadopoulos’ unelaborated-on lie to FBI; ABC on campaign meeting with “Papadopoulos seated between Sessions and Donald Trump” lie, Franken: “it’s part of a pattern, but every time it seems to get worse and worse and worse”; Jeff Pegues tells the truth, ACC: “well he has no time to be dishonest because’s gotta get the report out to hit the can!”; ABC on Carter Page’s Russia trip, “chickenshit” Trump “one of the great memories of all time” vs “don’t remember much about it” contrast, Trump: “a lot of people are disappointed in the Justice Department, including me”, JCD: “and Franken is such a Dick”, New York banker tip on pro-pot Democrat taking on Ted Cruz
2:31:14Donation Segment:
2:52:15The Sun on potential womb transplants for male pregnancy; leaked e-mail from DNC IT manager Madeleine Leader: “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority”; NPR on opioid crisis “overwhelmingly white”, sketchy theory on doctors not trusting minorities
2:58:39Bowe Bergdahl demoted to private and set free, Trump: “thirty years ago he would’ve been shot, boom”, automatic appeal for dishonorable discharge, CIA theory
3:02:07Trump’s Twitter account shut down for eleven minutes, ABC gender-neutral “they” for person responsible, KPIX “his or her”, CBS on possibility of fake tweets
3:06:28Mueller charges Paul Manafort with money laundering and tax fraud in Ukraine work
3:08:51Chinese boots on the ground in Djibouti “to promote peace and stability”; Venice on One Belt One Road sea route, victory for pro-autonomy referenda in Lombardy and Veneto
3:12:12Clark County Sheriff Lombardo interview with Coast to Coast AM, “lost a significant amount of wealth” story change, “I guess you could say spook, but through our investigation we determined that’s not the case, obviously”, “there had to be some trigger point” and brain pathology, “it may be a longer-term issue that made him snap, per se, but we may not find out”; media lawsuits over sealed 911 calls and search warrants; WaPo’s Eli Stokols irked that Trump called for death penalty for Sayfullo Saipov but not for Paddock, JCD: “let’s give this dead guy the death penalty!”; ACC on receiving documentation of a single funeral
3:22:04Racist Apple ad pairing Pile of Poo emoji with black voice