Call Clooney!

977 63 Genders (2017-10-29)

Show 977 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Klingon maw taw jaj!” (1:45:48)
0:00:33Show 976 recovery; ACC in new hotel in The Hague, routers unable to extend 5G thus “lousy jinglage”; Soldier of Orange command performance and CVC’s Netflix gig, extra legroom on “outstanding product” 787 Dreamliner, auto-dimming windows; JCD predicts accidental ban on all laptops; zika signage, bottled water detector, JCD: “how ‘bout detecting a bomb?”
0:12:54Catalan independence: Dutch “special relation” with Barcelona via Johan Cruyff, rumblings in Belgium, Catalonian Parliament dissolved, 1500 business relocated fron region, JCD on parallel with Yugoslavia, Juncker’s walkback; NPR on Brexit “divorce bill” and potential economic impact, “soulless” Frankfurt poised to replace London as hub
0:29:30ABC on JFK document release: J. Edgar Hoover “US must believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone” memo, Tom Llamas sounding like constipated surfer, “President Trump getting caught up in his own JFK conspiracy”, Hoover concerned about “fueling conspiracy theories”, elaborate CIA Castro assassination techniques, “we kid you not”; Bush 41 potentially compromised
0:36:41George H.W. Bush apologizes for groping women and “David Cop-a-feel” joke (CotD); Jackie Speier on Congress as “breeding ground for a hostile work environment”, doesn’t name names; Democracy Now: “a slew of men have resigned or been blacklisted”; Irish court case in which attacker “removed the cowboy hat the plaintiff was wearing and urinated in it before placing it back on his head” (BCotD); Ronan Farrow interviewees now accusing Weinstein of rape
0:47:14“Shapeshifter” Rose McGowan, HBO’s Sheila Nevins to Judy Woodruff on being “active sexually and complicit”, Children’s Television Workshop in bio; ACC: “Mad Men should have to give all its Emmys back”; George Washington church plaque making people feel “unsafe or unwelcome”; Bill Cosby’s revisionist war on Amos and Andy, death to Dukes of Hazzard
0:58:47Producer Segment: title changes after knightings and post minimization
2:01:15Tech News: Buzzkill Jr.’s observation about Apple’s new circular office building, losing its mystical Steve Jobs mojo by abandoning iPod click wheel and iPhone fingerprint reader, “puffy circle” HomePod; JCD on tinny Samsung Soundbar at Costco
2:10:01Facebag “take to the street if he fires Mueller” meme, CNN on word of grand jury charges “according to sources briefed on the matter”; Jim Acosta labels administration comments on Uranium One informant gag order “inappropriate political behavior”, Brooke Baldwin: “maybe somebody can be Jim Acosta for Halloween”
2:16:47School administrators observe World Edible Insect Day by eating bugs, JCD: “they’re reptiles!”
2:19:24MSNBC on “shock and horror” from FBI on dossier information, Mother Jones’ David Corn “this that the other thing” memos from “former senior intelligence officer”; RT publicizing Twitter pitch deck, “customized emoji”, “bespoke customized solutions”; NPR on Twitter shutting down RT and Sputnik advertising; Capitol Hill all-in on Twitter $100k presidency
2:38:46Mimi’s “you’ve been married for ten years” comment; producer note on female BOGO response, Mimi and TtK “the Keeper and the Counter”, ACC’s UTC watch, “I think you from the bottom of my heart and my wife’s bottom as well”
2:47:33Ulster County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky has meltdown over traffic ticket, “I’m totally broke!”, hyperventilating “I’m having a panic attack”, “I have PTSD!”, JCD: “I think he should club her”, “I work 24 hours a day to support my family”
2:54:50Foul weather headed for East Coast and Netherlands
2:57:21Tucker Carlson to Cathy Areu on Pelosi staying in Congress because she’s a woman: “according to modern progressive orthodoxy there are sixty-three separate genders”, “you are required to believe it”, Areu: “fabulous, we should … have her at the table and let’s invite the other genders at the table”, ACC: “he’s actually putting his tongue on the third rail”
3:02:07WaPo on British nuclear submarine sailors fired for parties with hookers & blow
3:05:00CBC on extension of Canadian mission in Iraq for training Kurdish and Iraqi forces
3:07:16New Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in talks with Freedom Party “founded by ex-Nazis”, Trudeau-like Wunderwuzzi, ACC on domestic partner Susanne Thier: “I can tell she’s a good woman”, “raccoon eyes”
3:14:00Testimony in Bowe Bergdahl trial about costly rescue attempts, Bergdahl on torture and small cell, Trump “no-good traitor”; prisoner exchange for drug experts
3:17:37Democracy Now on Republican “open warfare” on Steve Bannon, Breitbart “online haven for white nationalists”, Senate Leadership Fund super PAC; Roger Stone kicked off Twitter; NAACP warns about American Airlines “racist incidents”, JCD: “I think it’s a shakedown”
3:25:58ABC on Fusion GPS dossier’s origin with Republican candidate, no mention of Podesta
3:29:49Donation Segment
3:53:24Outro: ACC probably not headed to Madurodam