Call Clooney!

976 10th Anniversary (2017-10-26)

Show 976 album art
0:00:00JCD: “How do those two guys, talk so long?” (5:06:57)
0:00:35Celebration horn; Aric the Shill still working on spreadsheet; ACC’s knighting sword ratchet
0:03:41CBS whipsaws with Nancy Cordes on Jeff Flake speech “met with mutiny” from Republican party, Trump “I’m a very intelligent person” iso, La David Johnson “there was no hesitation”; Cordes “Senate chaplain … hailed Flake’s courage” whipsaw, misrepresents Flake’s retirement to avoid inevitable loss to Democrat; JCD on Flake being threatened into speaking out, refusal to answer Charlie Rose on Republican complicity
0:20:26Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner emcee Roy Wood Jr. bombs spectacularly; Don Lemon on NPR poll with 55% of white Americans believing they are discriminated against, Ben Ferguson cites college admission, Marc Lamont Hill: “Ben took my last word, that’s what white people do”; ACC on OAN vs CNN drivel
0:30:01JFK assassination documents set for release, sweetened Jack Ruby gunshot; CBS News replaces anchor Anthony Mason with young-looking Jeff Glor to appeal to millennials, ACC: “call and see if Noodle Boy’s available”; ACC reading Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, “pill mills” and Mexican gangs; CBS: 2016 drug advertising business $5.2bn, most advertised Jublia for toe fungus, JCD on Vick’s alternative; Walgreen’s stocking OTC Narcan, “wow is right”, ACC on 1970s Dutch “meth bus”
0:46:11ABC on Fusion GPS dossier handed off from Republican campaign to Hillary, no whipsaws from Jeff Pegues, Trump “I think it’s a disgrace” and Brian Fallon “opposition research happens all the time” whipsaws; Ted Malloch on Christopher Steele working for Jeb Bush
0:57:46Rachel Maddow “overt and knowing collusion in the Russian attack” in August revisited; Joe Manchin uninterested in having Hillary campaigning on his behalf; JCD defending Hillary
1:04:25Producer Segment #1: “fork the show”; CD-throwing JCD; capsaicin-addicted squirrels
3:02:46Sexual harassment allegation for Terry Richardson, rape allegations for Neil deGrasse Tyson and Twiggy Ramirez, Sarah Lane #MeToo; three-week suspension for elbow-touching middle school teacher; George Clooney to Today Show on Harvey Weinstein: “I want to know what kind of ad dollars were spent”, “atrocities”, Matt Damon: “he was a bully”, ACC: “I would declare myself a woman”; Chris Rock: “that’s the only thing that’s sexual harassment, everything else falls under just tryin’ to get laid”, Clarence Thomas “he ugly, call the po-lice!”
3:14:50Billy Corgan to Howard Stern on seeing alien “transformation”; hundreds of earthquakes in Canary Islands, potential New York tsunami, September 2011 Pico de Malpaso volcano worries
3:20:28ACC heading to Netherlands for CVC’s Netflix gig via British Airways; European Parliament voting to ditch Daylight Saving Time; CVC Stranger Things promotion podcast, “cattle-plus” flying accommodations, JCD predicts No Agenda T-shirt blurred out
3:24:16Dutch celebrating “Helloween”; Donald Trump effigy in Santa Clarita school scarecrow contest; Gloucester school party with beanbag game Trump headstone; Tucker Carlson on Maxine Waters “assassination fantasies”: “I will go take Trump out tonight”
3:31:12Producer Segment #2; JCD recommends 2015 cru Beaujolais and Mindhunter
6:07:57ABC on missing hard drive from Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock’s laptop, child pornography charge for brother Bruce, ACC: “this story is so full of crap!”
6:12:06Virtue signalling Don Lemon reads fawning open letter to La David Johnson’s wife
6:14:43Producer note on friend’s wife’s obituary and $300k GoFundMe funded at $307k; note on botched explosive vehicle examination, FBI comment on warped rifle barrel, rigged ventilation system; bullcrap historical insider note on Deepwater Horizon
6:19:39Six-Week Cycle: Miami man Vicente Solano charged with ISIS-inspired attempt to blow up Miami-Dade Dolphin Mall, JCD Red Book: FBI informant accidentally blows up target; Red Book validated: University of Illinois professor claims mathematics perpetuates white privilege
6:21:59ACC in “I Hate Donald Trump” Facebag group; new meme: history of NFL free speech fails
6:26:58Manufacture of drugs and medical supplies disrupted in Puerto Rico, JCD: “heaven forbid you make your own 2% IV salt solution”; security on flights to US to be stepped up, airlines not told how to meet security mandates, “who packed your bag” interview question, “Israeli model”, ACC’s experiences returning from Italy
6:33:16Donation Segment: eight-minute knighting ceremony
7:20:50Outro, JCD: “I don’t think now is the time to do more deconstructions”, congrats all ‘round