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975 Dolleridoos (2017-10-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “And we don’t run this off of Podbean.” (1:30:17)
0:00:34Amy Goodman botch-fest: “killed one anti-ratsist protestors and injewed dozens others”; Jean Harlow “in the morning!” iso; Frederica Wilson goat scream; Steve Pieczenik information store
0:04:09CBS News Harvey Weinstein #MeToo montage, catcalls “damaging another human being”; 150 female California officials chime in; ACC attempts to explain male stereotyping at hair salon, Pieczenik calls out Disney culture; ABC on Lupita Nyong’o massage op-ed, Heather Kerr; JCD on lack of self-defense stories and helpless female stereotype
0:19:26Quinn Norton Robert Scoble story; ACC’s “inappropriate comments” at Mevio, JCD on lewd behavior by air pollution district boss, Barbara Boxer’s inappropriate behavior; Today on Nyong’o meeting Weinstein at Yale, ACC on bizarre neck massage offer from groupies, new rape allegation; JCD on Weinstein’s nonsense 1960s claim and second-wave feminism, topless bar scene and Carol Doda, legal prostitution in Bay Area; EU voting on 13 age of consent; Dame Francine’s Facebag post on entrepreneurship; Corey Feldman marijuana arrest; Stalinesque Hollywood “shitty media men” blacklist making the rounds
0:37:44George W. Bush: “our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories”; Bush 41 expected to be dead before JFK document release; Kennedy’s psychotic break from Addison’s disease, clues in Oliver Stone Nixon film, JCD on Pieczenik as possible pathological liar, Pieczenik using Alex Jones and ACC as mouthpieces
0:49:15Antifa civil war on November 4, Alliance for Global Justice Soros money; College of William & Mary Black Lives Matter representative to NPR 1A on reason for ACLU shutdown, “liberalism is white supremacy” chant, free speech “furthering white supremacy”, “incite” meme, ends interview in a huff with “I feel like right now I’m having a dialogue that questions my humanity”
1:02:11Producer Segment: BOGOF buy one get one free, “dolleridoos”; Alexa: “I’m a fan of Serial
2:39:26Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton to House committee drawing parallel between Awan brothers and 1994 check-hiding scandal, DoJ reluctance to touch politics, Congress immune to FOIA; Paul Ryan stand-up at Al Smith dinner: Weinermobile “chick magnet” in Wisconsin
2:49:38ABC on Florida man arrested for arsenal and maps of local schools, “we was not on their radar”, search warrant for child pornography, Las Vegas callback, Far Cry vanity plate; new legislation against gadgets that “increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle”
2:57:28Hit piece against drug czar nominee Tom Marino, DEA whistleblower to 60 Minutes on being rendered “toothless” by new legislation, in spite of fact that it was ineffective previously; DEA opposition to bill dropped early on; producer’s ACC magazine cover with “the Russians are coming”; Nielsen top three podcast advertisers: beer, bottled water, and baby food
3:11:42Donation Segment
3:23:40Tom Steyer $10M campaign PSA, “a Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less”; producer note on bacterial contamination of shopping carts, No Agenda gloves idea
3:29:33Right-wing AFD support at all-time high in Essen; DNC shakeup to oust Bernie supporters
3:34:31Steve Pieczenik’s reasons for asserting that Las Vegas was false flag with no victims: Saudi Arabia threatening to expose 9/11 false flag, body-to-body pulse check, obituary check, MGM’s Jewish ownership; four victim survivors with GoFundMe money laundering accounts; Sandy Hook school closed for asbestos removal; JCD: “has he ever said I don’t know to you?”, Pieczenik’s too-detailed resume
3:50:23Australia to Bali flight “technical issue” decompression incident with crew in panic