Call Clooney!

974 iPoop (2017-10-19)

Show 974 album art
0:00:00JCD: “This is on network TV!” (0:11:53)
0:00:34Rainstick-induced “atmospheric river” for Northwest, to wash away San Diego poop
0:01:59Dr Oz on bathroom phone use “to the point that my legs are numb”, ACC’s iPhone toilet drop, “when we come back” tease, staff who “claim” not to coliform count of 30 vs 109k; JCD predicts hepatitis A transfer by phone, ACC: “we need a PSA”
0:18:01Harvey Weinstein #MeToo, JCD: “ultimate status symbol”; Bob Weinstein accused of “repeated unwanted unwanted overtures”, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence stories; Jeffrey Katzenberg on “abusive” Bob Weinstein; Courtney Love in 2005: avoid invitations from Harvey; Barbara Walters: “you’re damaging an entire industry!” to Corey Feldman on The View in 2013; Gretchen Carlson on arbitration clauses and secret proceedings; Hillary Clinton: “even some of the women who have come out, I’ve been with them!”, “no one has ever said anthing” lie, “confessed sexual assaulter” in White House
0:37:53CIA against release of 31,000 Kennedy assassination files scheduled for October 26
0:40:05ABC on BlackMattersUS run by Russian “troll factory”, “Black Fist” self-defense classes; CNN on “weird” $320 per month to teach self-defense; Tucker Carlson the only one tackling Clinton uranium deal and big pharma; no Trump dossier testimony from Fusion GPS
0:52:15Slow-talking Jeff Sessions clashes with Al Franken; Lindsey Graham on elusive DNC e-mail spurring Comey into action covered in closed session, Sessions: “that would be improper for me to share at this time if I knew”; George Soros dumps $18bn in Open Society Institute
1:04:05Producer Segment: 10-year anniversary double donation offer
1:38:30Las Vegas shooting: Jesus Campos’ “one and only interview” with Ellen Degeneres, Stephen Schuck Campos’ FBI handler, Ellen’s slot machine deal with MGM; Ellen playing “Nancy Drew” with telescoping pointing and building diagram; Campos’ dubious “I got on over my cell phone just to clear that radio traffic” to report being shot; Ellen: “you’re talking about it now and then you’re not going to talk about it again”; NFL and Shutterfly gifts native ads; JCD on auto-locking fire exit wells
2:01:19Whispered “don’t go there” to Clark County Sheriff Lombardo on Paddock’s car
2:04:23ABC whipsaw on Trump “healthcare whiplash”, “people will have great, great healthcare”, “studies” showing not spending $7b will add $200bn to deficit
2:09:32Tic-free Steve Mnuchin interviewed by Maria Bartiromo; Melania’s new body double, JCD on Klay Thompson lookalike in crowd; Mnuchin on “subsidizing” state and local tax deductions, JCD: “they’re not gonna get away with this”
2:18:08Donation Segment
2:27:20New York Times’ Desiree Shoe to Project Veritas: “Mike Pence, who’s fucking horrible”
2:30:09ACC all-in on Surface Studio at “Windows Store”, surface phone in the works
2:32:53KFI 640 AM on “phrase that pays” for migrants in Netherlands: “I’m gay”, “bring your boyfriend next time … and we want you guys to make out in front of us”; Deutsche Welle news magazine on Dutch homes being damaged by small earthquakes caused by fracking, €8k compensation for €250k in damage, mentioned in Show 514 notes
2:41:22ACC compliments producers on infrastructure since Show 490
2:42:43David Petraeus Art of the Deal “you knew what you were getting” meme to Dutch reporter
2:45:15Rex Tillerson on India “focal point of the world’s energy and trade routes”, Strait of Malacca; John McCain “planet” meme; Tillerson shuts down Jake Tapper on “moron” comment