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972 Menprovement (2017-10-12)

Show 972 album art
0:00:00JCD: “My Babe Ruth autographed baseball, why did you throw that out?” (1:34:22)
0:00:00Forest fire ash falling in California, rainstick deployment; ABC on 22 wildfires, Calistoga evacuation; no mention (yet) of global warming; JCD on wine “smoke taint”, absurdity of leaving electricity and gas on, people made helpless by power outages
0:15:08Leaked International Criminal Court e-mails on George Clooney spying on Gaddafi, Luis Moreno Ocampo’s attempt to recruit Angelina Jolie to lure Joseph Kony to dinner
0:18:25ACC on Dutch het Gooische matras casting couch and never having been offered cocaine; Jennifer Lawrence at GLAAD awards: Harvey Weinstein “best mentor an aspiring actor could ever hope for”; hypocritical NBC refusing to run Ronan Farrow’s story, Trump’s delicensing comment; model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez wearing wire for police in 2015
0:33:24Trump’s “page out of the Nixon playbook” threatening to pull NBC licenses over report of order-of-magnitude nuclear arsenal increase, networks milking old stories because leakers are gone; Bob Weinstein leak theory, board denies knowing anything, Trump “not at all surprised”; Hillary Clinton on Silicon Valley “sexual harassment and sexual assault”; virtue signalling Mika Brzezinski on three-book deal, Joe Scarborough: “he leaked it”
0:49:23Jimmy Kimmel “what’s in my pants”; Corey Feldman claims; Bill Clinton vs What Happened
0:54:40Norah O’Donnell “your read, my bad” to Charlie Rose, 1970s origin in pick-up basketball
0:58:31Producer Segment; ACC’s worm infestation from Africa
1:14:09Trump’s war of words with petite male “liddle” Bob Corker over Iran deal, Tillerson “IQ wars”
1:18:13Syrian volunteers poised to defeat ISIS in Raqqa; Ash Carter lies about Russian inaction
1:22:40Up to 15 days in jail for parents of school bullies in North Tonawanda New York; new British police hub to crack down on social media hate crime; Taylor Swift introduces Swift Life social media platform; 26-year-olds the new marketing target, JCD on demise of home economics and shop classes, young millennials good at cleaning, ACC on “right?” as text message “over”
1:37:35Almost-blind Steve Wynn on hardening Vegas hotels against terrorism, Paddock’s “vanilla profile”, alcohol avoidance, “Do Not Disturb” alarm; JCD on effective video poker strategy, Wynn on “someone who is sending a message”; break-in at Paddock’s Reno home; CBS on timeline change with building engineer on radio, security guard Jesus Campos MIA, radio-less security guards; two suicide shots on YouTube; multiple hotel shootings on police scanner
1:58:40ABC on maintenance worker Stephen Schuck, timeline changes “confusing even for us”; trauma surgeon points out medical anomalies; MSM not pursuing arms dealer theory
2:06:09Donation Segment
2:18:34ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for Tweeting encouragement to boycott NFL; “racist” Dove ad showing black women transforming into white; Tinder “menprovement” initiative, “where are we with this douchebag situation?”, “day traders 27%” on whiteboard
2:27:07Donna Karan on treatment of women: “are we asking for it?”, “I don’t think it’s only Harvey Weinstein”, JCD: “I think she’s plastered, personally”; Seth McFarlane at 2013 Oscars: “congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein”
2:32:16Topic from “the list”: Marc Perkel suing Google over HTTPS requirements
2:36:22Scottish Nationalist Party convention speaker on being thrown under bus by Westminster
2:40:51Recode editor to NPR on Russian Facebag ads: “it is illegal for a foreign government to try and influence or sway a US election”, social media “embeds” in campaigns
2:46:39Prime Minister question time pandemonium with bellowing Speaker