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971 MADCOM (2017-10-08)

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0:00:00ACC: (incomprehensible mumbling) (1:43:48)
0:00:37San Francisco Fleet Week with Blue Angels; ACC’s U-verse craps out due to overheating
0:05:47Media celebrating one-year Pussygate anniversary, UltraViolet group on National Mall; distraction from Harvey Weinstein, ABC “buttslam”, Weinstein press release on 1960s culture, advice from Lisa Bloom, going after Trump & NRA; profile picture with Hillary Clinton
0:16:11Deconstruction of disproportionate number of black men killed by white cops; Megyn Kelly’s lackluster new show takes on Weinstein, masturbating into potted plant in restaurant kitchen
0:25:42Las Vegas shooting: Steve Pieczenik asserts false flag and no deaths; bump stocks unavailable in face of legislation, JCD on stockless bump firing; Phoenix man goes viral handing over guns to police; former CIA Robert David Steele to Max Keiser on terrorist false flag, restraining orders against FBI informants; CNN non-family-member reminiscence compilation
0:34:06JCD arms deal gone wrong theory, ACC on lack of shell casings; MIA “hero” security guard Jesus Campos and “door alarm”, no portable radio, timeline absurdities; CBS on Tannerite in car, “he was up” at casino; ACC on Dutch arms dealer trying to sell him MD-900
0:45:04MIA video footage à la Pentagon 9/11; NBC speculates about Lollapalooza plot, Paddock lying in bed yelling “oh my god!”; Valium use, ACC: “my first thought was Chantix”; Fox Business on autism spectrum and video poker, “he even wears gloves supposedly when he’s driving”, Aurora and Sandy Hook; ACC on “war on crazy” background check expansion
1:02:24ABC on cryptic hotel room note, $5M gambling income; proposed domestic terrorism law
1:12:59Producer Segment: UNLV professor blames Trump for shooting: “others are going to die”
1:24:17Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX theater, ACC pans Blade Runner 2049
1:30:23Mike Pence announces relaunch of National Space Council
1:32:43Friday update from Senate Intelligence Committee on Russia collusion, no mention of collusion, upcoming election, “we don’t release documents provided to our committee, period”
1:42:00Richard Burr: “the committee has hit a wall” on Steele dossier, “I can compel you to come, I can’t compel you to talk”; JCD: Google will send useless stooge; Burr on “indiscriminate” ads not favoring either candidate; Trump “e-mail messages, text messages, phone records”
1:55:31Amy Klobuchar to NPR on new legislation on registration of “paid political advertising”, naive Intelligence Committee duped by Silicon Valley snake oil; Atlantic Council brochure danger of MADCOM Machine Driven Communications
2:04:44CBC tech millennial algo-explaining “right?”-fest, “algorithms are basically complex systems of code, right?”, “the reason they use these algorithms right, is because there’s just so much on the internet, right?”, “oftentimes they can be wrong, right?”
2:12:46Donation Segment
2:20:39Illuminati Web Summit in Portugal, celebrity attendees Caitlyn Jenner and Terrell Owens
2:24:33Convicted felon accidentally released from jail for a week; Charlie Rose on clear-air turbulence that “because of climate change, could get worse”; Whoopi “as many of the things as we can stick in here” and “can this bitch run the country?” isos; “professional tiny livers” promo
2:28:41Economy loses 33k jobs in September, unemployment at new low; Western Union 33 code
2:33:21Australian gun amnesty ends, JCD gripes about firearms not refurbished for police; CBS on A Girl and a Gun group with AR-15s; realtime money transfers between banks coming soon, JCD: “an EMP, you’re broke”; ACC proposes Etherium derivative for infrastructure
2:44:19Trial of Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala begins