Call Clooney!

970 Golf Bag Nuke (2017-10-05)

Show 970 album art
0:00:00ACC: “It’s Trumpwatch Wednesday!” (2:09:41)
0:00:33ACC’s gigabit connection thanks to AT&T U-verse
0:02:51Las Vegas shooting massive distraction from NBC Tillerson “moron” story and ABC Chelsea pressure cooker bomb story; Chris Matthews “Trumpwatch Wednesday” runs through thesaurus “idiot, blockhead, dunce” list (BCotD); Katy Tur on corroboration from “twelve current and past administration officials”; Andrea Mitchell “three senior officials”
0:14:20Chelsea bomb 911 call with incomprehensible “Miss Swan” dispatcher; Penn Station footage
0:18:29Nancy Pelosi babbles incomprehensibly about background checks; scripted town hall “clean Dream Act” question from United We Dream shill, Pelosi “make America dream again”; scripted “leader Pelosi” meme, Pelosi’s prayer permission, “common sense gun safety, gun preven… violence prevention legislation”, Feinstein’s S.1916, bullcrap “two hundred and seventy-some mass murders”, “we take an oath to protect and defend the American people”
0:33:33FBI’s limited activity in Las Vegas, Clark County Sheriff on Stephen Paddock’s “secret life, much of which will never be fully understood”, Ogden vs Airbnb; FBI guy irked by Twitter conspiracy theories; NBC on job as IRS agent; former FBI to CBS: “it didn’t matter what crowd he was gonna fire into”; former CIA to Fox: “very deliberate act of terror”, new terrorism definition, Scalise parallel, “violence as an extension and use of political speech”
0:50:33The View on “fellow Republicans”; FBI’s dismissal of terrorism, money sent to Philippines, $100k worth of firearms; CNN and ATF on “33 firearms”; SWAT storming suite an hour late, no evidence of suicide gunshot, recent bolt-action purchase; forensic psychiatrist on “young man’s crime”; concertgoers warned; shooter’s brother in Jim Cramer milieu
1:07:10CBS fires lawyer Hayley Geftman-Gold over “not even sympathetic” post; ACC reads Facebag “you will all roast in Hell!” rant; JCD: “this is a creation of the media”, Pizzagate AR-15, angry Democrat theory; ACC weapons dealer theory, money laundering via casino, MGM Grand ties to CAIR; security guard and door ajar vs SWAT breaching; tenuous ISIS connection
1:28:27Producer Segment: The Intercept podcast going value for value
1:44:35UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd proposes 15 years in prison for viewing terrorist material; Franco’s crackdown on Catalonia, Spain blocking IPFS on .io, boots on the ground report on referendum and civil war; President Carles Puigdemont to BBC on EU indifference and police violence; border dispute and NATO; military drills on Kurdistan border
2:04:03Scripted “right”-less Mike Morell to Charlie Rose on North Korean nuclear threat, emphasis on Detroit; JCD: “skids were greased” for segue to “moron” story; North Korean figure skaters qualify for Winter Olympics; James Woolsey on nuke “the size of a golf bag” for EMP attack
2:15:33Donation Segment
2:24:23ACLU lawyer heckled with Black Lives Matter “mic check” mind control crew, “A-C-L-U you protect Hitler too”, “the oppressed are not impressed”, Game of Thrones “shame!”; Michelle Obama on State of the Union “literally grey and white” side of room, JCD: “it’s just hate”
2:35:04Producer note on defunct Puerto Rico oil refinery, “showboater” mayor; former attorney general: mayor “political hack”, cut off by CNN; limited benefits of statehood
2:40:44Oregon restaurant shooter run over by motorist; former presidents in One America Appeal ad; Theresa May’s “Hillary cough”, “coke throat”; Amazon’s $295M in tax money for Luxembourg
2:48:37John Kennedy on Equifax: “looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar”
2:52:31Flu vaccine ad targeting over-65s; week in jail for Michigan woman for not vaccinating son