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96 Water Weed And Weasels (2009-05-10)

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0:00:34ACC back in London, JCD on United Airlines backward-facing business class seats
0:03:38UK parliamentary expense data leaked to press, Jacqui Smith’s husband’s X-rated movies, ACC: “just lookin’ at her, no kidding!”
0:04:59And Now Back to Real News: Joanna Lumley confronts Parliament over Gurkha immigration rights; Michael Savage’s son Russell Weiner Rockstar energy drink CEO, JCD on Hatton knocked out by Pacquiao right next to Rockstar logo
0:10:24Swine flu now “Mexican flu” in Europe, Netherlands vaccine order double the population size
0:16:34White House Military Office’s Louis Caldera resigns over Air Force One NYC flyover, Photoshopped images; CDC credits California with swine flu outbreak, “a case” in Ireland; 15-year-old producer note on New Trier High School biology homework; Tamiflu’s effectiveness against swine flu questioned, JCD on using Relenza inhaler; Baxter International based in Chicago; list of New Trier alumni
0:25:43Madison Wisconsin court OKs warrantless police GPS units on vehicles
0:28:02ACC reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; Patricia shocked by Pitt-Jolie split, JCD: “she’s gotta be a handful!”; No Agenda film reviews, Hollywood debt financing, JCD seeking bit part
0:38:02Bilderberg Conference to be held in Greece; JCD on Bill Gates’ Hood Canal “brainwashing sessions” for journalists; ACC’s meeting with Eddy Cue in Cupertino, iPhone in-app sales, looking for Android on netbook; No Agenda iPhone apps, StreamFurious for Android
0:49:14Clean Water Restoration Act “navigable waters of the United States”, ACC: “water is now owned by the government”; Joy Behar to Larry King on Rush Limbaugh’s climate change denial: “every climatologist in the world says there’s global warming”
0:58:13148 cosponsors for Ron Paul’s H.R.1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act; Rep. Alan Grayson grills Federal Reserve Inspector General unaccounted-for trillions
1:01:07Schwarzenegger marijuana legalization “should be discussed”, JCD on potential $6bn per year in California; government sector the only one with employment growth; Obama’s broken promises, “Bush three”, potential legal action by Eric Holder against Bush administration officials over torture; ACC all-in on quitting smoking, being dragged to gym by CVC
1:10:32Virginia health record ransom; $48.71 donation from ICD-9 swine flu 487.1
1:15:31ACC’s Tourette syndrome and marijuana, JCD story: “sonovabitch!” guy kicked off plane, ACC on the appeal of “cocksucker”, Seth MacFarlane’s Tourette “jijjits”, JCD on Tourette “clean freaks”, ACC’s OCD, JCD on childhood diagnosis: “this kid has Tourette’s, you’re gonna have the time of your life watching him!”, ACC’s cousin married to Christopher Buckley
1:23:51Outro: web site under construction; 50% tax rate in UK for those making over £150k