Call Clooney!

969 Sock Puppet Media (2017-10-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “And neo-Nazis are planning an attack!”
0:00:32JCD discovers the Zephyr running late every day, ACC’s “aooga” iso
0:03:12130k evacuated in Bali ahead of Mount Agung eruption, “if there’d be an eruption, the government would let us know”; more warnings from ACC’s space weather Disaster Prediction App; JCD Red Book: warmists will use volcanic ash as excuse for lack of temperature rise
0:07:12Catalonians trying to guard polling places from being ransacked by masked Spanish police, government blocking .cat polling location sites, .dog TLD held by Donuts Inc
0:13:47NATO Cybersecurity Symposium with hordes of industry reps; EU DDoS with “no data breach”, proposed legislation to “combat cryptocurrency (fraud)” and double ENISA budget
0:20:07Bogus DHS report on Russia meddling with election in 21 states, “scans” and ZoneAlarm
0:23:32CNN on Russians posing as “blacktivists” for no adequately explored reason, Pooper’s scripted “were these accounts also promoting events?”, more likes than actual BLM, JCD: “this was, I think, finally killed off by Space Ghost”; Hillary’s negative campaign backfire; Facebag and Russia local data storage law; RT’s Lionel on Obama’s Brexit meddling, “sock puppet media”
0:38:01Steve Bannon on exposing Hollywood hypocrisy; JCD on “take a knee” in football, restaurant gasps at ACC kneeling for selfie; Oakland quarterback thrown under bus; standing for God Save the Queen at London game; New York banker on Alabama dog whistle, Cohn & Mnuchin potentially out; Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe: “they’ll fight for a pair of jeans?”
0:52:16Cambridge librarian rejects Melania Trump’s “racist” Dr. Seuss books, “strategist” explanation, JCD on “ancient astronaut theorists”; JCD on If I Ran the Zoo etymology of “nerd”
1:02:51Producer Segment: JCD recommends Macallan 18; NROL-42 challenge coin
1:18:00Elon Musk’s rocket for intercontinental travel; James Woolsey North Korean “EMP satellite”
1:20:42Bill Maher takes Constitutional side in neo-Nazi debate, April Ryan: “some of these old laws need to be revisited”, JCD: “you must punch a Nazi”, neo-Nazi on bus “intimidating, inciting”, Tom Morello: “they are now without hoods in the Oval Office”; internet virtue signalling
1:31:05ACC reads outraged anti-Trump Facebag rant: “Obama had 64%, take that!
1:36:20The Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffin to podcast on deep state “information dominance” agenda; “internet in a suitcase” revisited; Griffin on divide and conquer strategy getting violence in streets, consolidation phase with martial law; Guatemala coup
1:52:33ISIS beheading videos a thing of the past, budget shifted to internet; Antifa and neo-Nazis clash in Sweden; JCD-recommended Berlin Station trailer; Hillary to Charlie Rose on post-9/11 meeting with Bush 43, situation room finger-smelling, Trump “clear and present danger”
2:05:25ABC spending vs travel investigation whipsaw; migrated to new digs
2:09:35Donation Segment: JCD on 2015 best year for Beaujolais since 1947
2:23:21And Now Back to Real News: California music teacher contaminating flutes with “bodily fluids”; woman leaves 12-year-old and younger kids home alone during trip to Germany
2:26:53Producer note on Amazon and DMT extraction from acacia bark; JCD on Diane Keaton’s crappy Godfather acting; Pruitt’s $25k “phone booth” SCIF normally $100k; ABC “Nor-folk” pronunciation, KTVU “three, two one”; “Professor Pez” walks back “future dead cops” tweet
2:40:15College textbook exercise renumbering scam; The Guardian on underpaid adjunct professors
2:44:07NYC’s secretive MTA $100M towers; ARRL asked for 50 hams; San Juan’s douchebag mayor, ABC “even the general”; Prince George’s school serving “not your average mac & cheese”
2:51:35CBS on record amounts of fentanyl seized in “fiscal year”, inspections at JFK