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968 In the Saddle (2017-09-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boom!” (1:58:48)
0:00:31Police chase and shooting in California
0:01:12NFL national anthem controversy over Trump “get that son of a bitch off the field”, Rep. Al Green “son of a dog”, “I will call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America” (CotD); Russian “take-a-knee-ers” with fake Twitter accounts
0:12:34NFL alienating patriotic viewers, JCD on nightmare getting to new 49ers Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara; NFL Article 62: players “should stand at attention”, “failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline”; Huffington Post “White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy” article; “CNN lady” to Don Lemon: “we have put white supremacist in the White House”; Spike Lee’s weak response to military parents; “very fine people” kneeling “dick question” from press corps
0:28:13Hugh Hefner dead at 91, “in the saddle” question; CBS retrospective; ACC in Dutch edition
0:33:09The Algo jingle; Adam Schiff on Russian Facebag ads from “KGB operative running a country”; JCD on 1980s Japanese AI fad; BBC debunks Amazon explosive recommendation story, JCD on Whole Foods price reductions; Elon Musk: “until people see, like, robots going down the street killing people, like, they don’t know how to react”; Veri AI penny stock boom & bust
0:47:17JCD on Star Trek: Black Lives Matter with Captain Miss Swan: “it stinks!
0:52:16“Spexit” Catalonia referendum declared illegal, Juncker “meant to say” that only “legally sanctioned” votes would be accepted; Saudi Arabia to allow women drivers, excised “many of them only have a quarter of a brain” report ending (CotD)
0:58:07Producer Segment
1:13:08CBS Trump “misplays of the week”; Puerto Rico “suspend the Jones Act” compilation, ABC: “a lot of shippers … don’t want it waived” with no explanation; ABC on Russian Facebook ads, “we need Trump” lie, “Brian with us, who helped the Russians target those ads” misread
1:29:32CBS on Mexican wall prototypes, dissent from representative of “more than sixty human rights organizations along the border”, JCD: “can’t they consolidate?”; EU able to extend reintroduction of internal border controls under “exceptional circumstances” for six months; EU attempting to raise taxes on “the Apples, the Amazons, the Microsofts”; ABC on Trump tax plan, unreleased tax forms needle with JCD “aooga!”, wealth tax
1:46:19Charles Ortel tracking My Brother’s Keeper Alliance following in Clinton footsteps, monster mailing list; Obama compares “dropping his daughter off at college” to open-heart surgery
1:52:01Millennials and memes, no love for McCain; JCD on The Handmaid’s Tale: “grim, humorless, depressing, and unhealthy”, Margaret Atwood NYT article on chronicles of the current climate “found centuries later in an old house behind a wall”, book’s racism removed from series
2:02:32Donation Segment: JCD on Westwood cemetery with joke epitaphs; Podcast One lawsuit
2:21:25Denison University defines hate speech as “enabling people to carry out microaggressions”
2:27:15City of Salinas on the verge of bankruptcy, first responder higher-ups making huge salaries
2:30:49Trump hate cycle on tax returns and Pussygate; Brussels bans sugar daddy app, JCD on college textbook ripoff; Patriot Prayer “empathy tent” fight; ACC on Twitter’s SMS origins
2:40:30Trump cross with Tom Price over luxury travel, Scott Pruitt’s $25k “phone booth”
2:44:42Anthony Weiner’s party affiliation unmentioned by M5M; ACC debunks Boston Globe bogus investigation of aircraft registrations; spontaneous development of food allergies in adulthood
2:55:02Jane Fonda awkwardly changes subject from Megyn Kelly’s plastic surgery gaffe