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967 dotard (2017-09-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s too many points!” ACC: “That’s what I’m saying!”
0:00:34Oregon “gluten-free marijuana”; iOS 11 bricking podcast apps
0:02:18Global Citizen Awards, Justin Trudeau laundry list of ideologies to guard against
0:04:51Ken Burns Vietnam documentary, Paris 1919, Ho Chi Minh’s bid for independence, appearances by Uncle Don, bogus “domino theory”; ACC on dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale
0:13:41Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Pelosi DACA protests, “no fault of their own” meme; Soros-funded groups behind protests; Sergeant Fred still alive; Deface Columbus Day on October 9
0:25:47Germans all ready to trot out Russian election hacking claims; CBS on Facebook cooperating with Congress on Russian ads, security “expert” on IP addresses from “enemy nation state that often people call Russia”; Sean Spicer’s scandalous “copious notes”
0:35:42Zuckerberg on nine-step plan to prevent election meddling, JCD on ludicrousness of creating thousands of ads, Luciferized Zuckerberg: no problems found in German elections, gross swallowing tell, virality “seen before in history at a minimum” flub; JCD on memes vs memes
0:54:38Foot-soldiers subject to droning under new rules; UK special forces prowling London tube
0:57:53Hillary on new Onward Together organization, Act Blue groups and 2018; NYT’s Amy Chozick: “it was our job to get Hillary Clinton elected”, Phrase from the Chaise “soul searching”
1:08:27Producer Segment: “service goat scream”; ACC recommends Kingsman: The Golden Circle
1:27:44Murkowski and McCain not all-in on Graham-Cassidy bill, individual mandate removal, Planned Parenthood cut off, Medicaid work requirement; McCain on Mayo Clinic emergency surgery, producer note on military circles expecting short life expectancy, “Hanoi Hannah”
1:42:51Rolling Stone and Newsweek recycling Trump insanity meme, “Six-Week Cycle” Trump memes
1:45:00Jedediah Bila fired from leaving The View, “I’m a little eccentric, and you put up with me”, “I don’t have a title yet” for fictional in-progress book, Joy Behar getting married script reminder; insider producer note on Bila straying from Hillary script, Behar shitstorm
1:52:07North Korea responds to Trump’s UN speech with “mentally deranged dotard”, CBS whipsaw “that was a horrible, horrible thing that happened to the Republican party”; South Korean embassy suspending internships, fake orders for diplomatic personnel to leave country
1:59:35JCD mea culpa on Irma orange juice short position proposal
2:00:28Burmese Rohingyas universally hated in India and Bangladesh, JCD: “maybe they stink?”; Bali’s Mount Agung threatening to erupt, ACC on coronal holes and volcanism correlation
2:07:30Patreon’s series C $60M; IAB podcast standards; Restoration Hardware mispelling AdWords
2:13:25Donation Segment: another Nibiru dud
2:22:49“A platinum gay is one that was also born C-section, so I’ve never touched a vagina” (CotD)
2:24:55Comey Howard University speech interrupted, “you ain’t our homie, get out James Comey”
2:27:51Producer note on Masoud Barzani using Kurdistan independence referendum for Peshmerga
2:29:45Hillary iso: WikiLeaks “nothing more than a tool of Putin and the Kremlin”, reptilian “alternate nostril breathing” question; Elizabeth Warren asked about her $9M net worth
2:33:50Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin vs fiat currency; Über loses London license; obesity in British men; producer Saudi chicken recipe; Danish PM Rasmussen on Muslim-controlled areas
2:49:43Ryanair pilot on zero-hour contracts; JCD on unpleasant Alaskan Air automatic landing
2:55:08Second Equifax hack disclosed; Mel Brooks on not being to make films in today’s climate, JCD on anti-Trump Comedy Day San Francisco; Trump vs NFL
3:05:16Austin Grackle music, JCD: “I think it’s bullcrap!”