Call Clooney!

966 Master Algo (2017-09-21)

Show 966 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Webinars!” (2:43:37)
0:00:35Hillary interview by Colbert: fake laughter iso, no Constitutional provision for contesting election, “vote for Democrats” message, Putin “really doesn’t like democracy”, “fake Americans with fake news … and fake demonstrations”, Russia “back in 2018 and 2020 unless we stop them”, 2011 election grudge; pointless “manspreading” wildlife conservation story
0:14:41Hillary “Paula Revere”; Trump UN North Korea speech, watched “parts of it” lie, “very dark, dangerous”; Colbert audience cheers Manafort wiretap, “you applaud until they wiretap you”
0:21:15Jane Fonda’s new facelift at Emmy Awards, flat breasts and fake red carpet, Jermaine Fowler voiceover, Waith & Ansari mic takeover, JCD: “reminding the public that the networks suck”
0:30:31Morgan Freeman “we are at war” Rob Reiner video, Committee To Investigate Russia, funding from “just individuals”; Hillary on Russia “influencing voters”; Maxine Waters hijacks Dick Gregory eulogy with “dishonorable human being” rant, “when I get done with Donald Trump he’s gonna wish he had been impeached”; right wing up in arms over Manafort wiretap
0:45:24EFF fighting SESTA Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, Backpage charges tossed out by judge, “restaurant reviews” meme vs criminal intent, ACC on Silicon Valley fighting slippery slope
0:59:28Catalan government raided by Spanish police over independence referendum
1:00:33Producer Segment: arms sale to Turkey cancelled; new Scott Mackenzie novel
1:17:18Nibiru back in the news, ACC’s good morning view of Venus
1:17:57Amazon apologizing for baby registry “glitch”; Amazon “frequently bought together” gunpowder and thermite ingredients; Geoffrey Hinton’s underperforming backpropagation model; producer note on ridicule over Saudi Arabian fried chicken chain
1:28:28Miss America 2017: Mimi spotting fake boobs, best candidates California and Ohio “culled”, Louisiana high-end ventriloquist “and she could yodel”, winner North Dakota “Mormon face”, New Mexico “be loud and take up space” rant, “big butt cover” bathing suits; lightweight question gimmick, swimsuit competition for Mr. America; Missouri wrong answer on Trump investigation, South Carolina “can identify all kinds of aliens”, Texas parroting M5M Charlottesville talking points, New Jersey on putting Confederate statues in “musayums”, D.C. on football concussion prevention, North Dakota Cara Mund on Paris Agreement withdrawal
1:52:22And Now Back to Real News: Colorado Springs family want woman to stop pooping in yard; San Diego hepatitis A outbreak, ACC predicts mandatory vaccinations
1:56:58Pelosi “just stop it now” being shouted down by DREAMers, “yes or no!” chant, Just Stop It Now jingle, Occupy “mike check”, “clean bill” political meme, takeover by professional shill
2:09:47Red Cross fails to deliver on Hurricane Harvey immediate assistance promise; nonprofits stepping up fundraising efforts; Mexico earthquake and ACC’s disaster prediction app
2:14:14Donation Segment
2:23:31Controversy over Minneapolis woman’s therapy pony, JCD on Berkeley “naked guy”
2:28:47“Racist” raw cotton at Hobby Lobby & Lipscomb University (BCotD); cooking mustard greens
2:33:00North Korea: Trump’s UN speech “sound of a dog barking”; Kurdish independence referendum
2:36:24Shrinking airline seats delaying evacuation; pricy coding bootcamps, ACC podcast bootcamp; three tons of cocaine seized off CA, JCD on actress nose activity; fentanyl in NYC raids
2:47:40Tim Scott on being pulled over seven times, JCD on Senate license plates
2:53:04Lawrence O’Donnell freaks out on set: “I don’t care who the fuck you have to call, stop the hammering!”, ACC on MTV “glitches”, JCD story: doing Tech TV with Leo in his ear