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965 Yanking Mics (2017-09-17)

Show 965 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Ba-da-da dat-da-da-da-da-da.” (1:12:08)
0:00:34ACC reading Hillary’s What Happened, The Big Book Show and hosts not reading books, Hillary name-dropping authors, 1984 analysis: goal “to sow mistrust towards exactly the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press”, Bill’s homespun pig-wrestling lore, Clinton Foundation’s $500M for Haiti, Bill’s depression over 1980 loss, Bush 43 “that was some weird shit”; BBC Pidgin reasons Trump won: Comey and “di way im handle di Clinton email palava
0:12:21Rachel Maddow Facebag “own up” meme, Mark Warner “and they paid in rubles, seriously” tweet; JCD on lame Russian “secure borders” ads; NPR on ProPublica “really simple” experiment to place “how to burn Jews” ad, “psychographic marketing”, proposed “harm rate”
0:24:43Counterintelligence head William Evanina on partnering with Facebag; propagandist Michael Lumpkin in 2016 on Facebag ads and “IPS addresses”; JCD on Saudi Arabian fried chicken
0:36:48Hillary “clear and present danger” meme vs First Amendment; Hillary’s furious head-nodding on NewsHour, empty podium in media; Comey “nothing there, end it” lie; false accusation of misogyny against Warren & Harris, “don’t eat me” epilogue
0:55:17Triggered Brooke Baldwin “yanking mics” over Clay Travis “First Amendment and boobs”
1:04:10Producer Segment: JCD on Costco Kirkland brand; “activist infotainment podcast”
1:22:29JCD predicts Stephen Colbert going ballistic on Trump at Emmys; JCD to retire feature after next show’s Miss America coverage, “chunky” contestants, Michelle Obama look-alike
1:26:28Icelandic government falls apart over PM Bjarni Benediktsson’s father’s FOIA’d letter in support of convicted pedophile, ACC “pedo island”; Hillary compares herself to Cersei Lannister
1:30:56California bill punishing misuse of pronouns; low-income housing, primary election acceleration, candidate tax return requirement; sanctuary state bill, sex offender registry tiers
1:37:32On the Media over-the-top gay guy on Taylor Swift hate over Pulse nightclub silence, ACC: “John, we need a fan name!”, JCD: “slaves!”; Swift’s history of cultural appropriation, “pieces that have been ridden” urging her to “take a side”
1:46:16De-pooped Jeff Pegues on DC pro-Trump Mother of All Rallies; Juggalo protest over FBI gang designation, “music is not a crime!”; Fox on protesters vs riot police at Saint Louis mayor’s house: “there are also reports two people rang the doorbell with no answer” (CotD)
1:53:30Dexter the vape guy freaked out by London subway bombing false flag, bag from cheap Lidl grocery store, incoherent neighbor describes police, suspect arrested in Dover; Ringo Starr on Brexit: “I would have voted to get out, but don’t tell Bob Geldof”
2:01:18Donation Segment
2:10:55JCD Red Book coming true: prints of Kathy Griffin Trump head on sale; Whoopi on The View: Antifa concocted by the right, Paula Faris on Antifa inauguration violence, Sunny Hostin: “the KKK has been terrorizing my community for centuries”
2:18:4611-year-old mowing White House lawn and child labor laws; ACC’s letter to Nixon
2:21:08Japanese Giant Voice System; Nikki Haley on “fire and fury”, Mattis’ “plenty of military options”, ACC: watch for diplomats to be recalled, ignored by Japanese media; Israelis watching disintegrating Scuds; Russian MH17 radar data showing Ukrainian military launch
2:31:22Equifax execs “retiring”, 400k British identities also exfiltrated, Warren pushing free credit freeze; spook John Miller: New York “most targeted” by ISIS, message from Hamza bin Laden
2:39:26“Health attacks” on Cuba staff, Hotel Capri, 21 victims; CIA director cancels Harvard speech over Chelsea Manning fellowship; Charlie Rose Week Ahead; NYT child labor gripe