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964 6th Mass Extinction (2017-09-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “This breaks out in San Francisco where they have the poop map, at least you got a map.” (2:30:23)
0:00:35Solid two minutes of Hillary excuses for election loss: “the Russians weaponizing information”, “anodyne” Podesta e-mails, “voter suppression”, Amazon deleting one-star reviews, Facebag: “I couldn’t possibly hate people who voted against Hillary more than I do right now!”; Hillary’s hate for Matt Lauer; failed preparation for being “stalked”, The View “Back Off” T-shirt
0:16:52Anderson Pooper flexing muscles in Florida; Hillary on abolishing Electoral College; New York Times: “Facebook wins, democracy loses”; JCD Clintons poisoning each other theory, Loretta Lynch meeting; Comey under fire by administration; Sean Spicer dud on Jimmy Kimmel
0:24:40Steve Pieczenik’s war with Roger Stone over General Kelly, Alex Jones on Trump being drugged; how many Trumps are there; Mike Pompeo: WikiLeaks “has encouraged its followers to find jobs at the CIA”, “non-state hostile intelligence service” in military intelligence bill
0:35:31CIA-Equifax parallel, absurd notion of identity theft, Social Security numbers in the wild
0:41:03New iPhone X Face ID and headscarves, “rugged” glass, greater distracted driving danger
0:46:36JCD on shorting orange juice futures in face of Hurricane Irma; Stevie Wonder at telethon: global warming skeptics “blind or unintelligent”; Houston councilman Dave Martin: Red Cross Lost “the most inept, unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced”; Jim Acosta asks about “three category four hurricanes” and climate change; John McCain all-in on nuclear power
1:00:36Tesla battery range extension, older European diesels blocked from cities
1:07:41Producer Segment: Born Gay jingle; new “we’re all gonna die!”; calculator
1:23:59Producer note on global arms sales people listening to show
1:25:29Democracy Now on climate change and parasite extinction in “the planet’s sixth great mass extinction event that’s currently underway”, JCD on DIY degrees at UC Berkeley, “we have undervalued them for decades”, JCD: Young Sheldon promotion, “Save the Tic(k)s” stickers
1:32:20“Internal Conflict in Myanmar” Wikipedia page, UN outraged over violence against Rohingya, Aung San Suu Kyi on Rohingya terrorism, 370k refugees in Bangladesh, Yugoslavia playbook
1:41:58BBC Pidgin Minute: “move fast fast” bullet train; Philip Morris all-in on vaping business
1:46:10Francis Scott Key and Saint Junipero Serra statues defaced; Richmond Robert E. Lee rally
1:51:52Steve Mnuchin’s request for honeymoon government jet, wife Louise Linton’s designer hashtags, appearance on CSI as Marie Antoinette; champagne coupe modeled after breast
1:57:29Spain attempts to prevent Catalan independence referendum, producer note on BBC ignoring enormous protests, Catalan hate in mainstream Spanish society; Prime Minister’s Questions: tripling of university fees, Speaker “o-o-o-order!” iso; Brexit “the ayes have it, unlock!
2:13:12Donation Segment
2:23:25Sweden 99% cashless, ABBA’s Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus all-in, US “legal tender”, China Bitcoin volatility
2:27:28San Diego hepatitis A outbreak thanks to the homeless and Twitter-mandated removal of public toilets; Lisbon Treaty incarceration for those “experiencing homelessness”, FICA subhumans denied housing; CBS downplays link between flu vaccination and miscarriage
2:35:39Therapy animal outrage from the No Agenda blind cohort,
2:37:54Nigel Farage to European Parliament on EU centralization: “thank God we’re leaving”
2:41:38Hormone therapy for transgender children under 16; pedophilia as treatable mental disorder
2:45:33Judy Gold whines about Trump on crap Salon podcast; Jeff Pegues on anti-Hillary Facebag ads from “Russian internet trolls” (CotD), ACC: “just tell them you’ve adjusted the algo”