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963 Born This Way (2017-09-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hashtag DACA.” (0:28:46)
0:00:33Equifax data breach exposes 143M Americans’ data, “the Irma of data breaches”, untouched “core database”; Bombard’s Body Language analysis of CEO: “it doesn’t seem they’re really sure on the unauthorized”, emphasis on “partners”, JCD: “I think it was an intelligence agency”
0:15:08Bombard analyzes Zuckerberg, Homo capensis tease, Steve Jobs’ testicular displays
0:19:55Hurricane Irma: Horowitz’ tiki hut still standing; Rick Scott urges evacuation, Italian sign language translator, “time to punch out”, pet-friendly shelters; Facebag hate for Florida Trump sopporters; landfall in racist Lee County; Greg Abbott on Texas mosquito spraying by DoD; New York Fed’s William Dudley on economic impact, predicts economic boost later in year
0:35:54X-class solar flare; Michio Kaku on CIA use of terawatt laser weather modification in Vietnam
0:41:10Sam Harris podcast on Climategate: hacked e-mails “most like scenario is Russia” (CotD); DoD Saint Martin evacuation (or not); hunkering down in mangrove swamp in boats, JCD on total lack of follow-up in media; Hemingway’s house immune to damage; X-class solar flare and Mexico earthquake’s 50-foot plate shift, dormant volcanoes on West Coast
0:54:41Stanford sexual orientation-detecting AI for images, “gay at birth” conclusion; Algos jingle
1:03:59Producer Segment: P2P Cash bank transfers; ACC Pidgin English Irma news read
1:17:01Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society report on election coverage in media and online; Bernie Sanders to Colbert on Hillary’s accusation of damage to progressive movement, JCD fast-forward, screaming shill in audience, Trump “the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country”, Colbert “let’s talk about 2020”, “Medicare for all” bill, “I think the time is now for the United States to join every other major country on earth”
1:26:43Lenny Dykstra trolling Lena Dunham: “women should work only until they are married”
1:32:18Hillary in 2011: “just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay”; hypocritical Chuck Schumer then vs now on DACA; AP “undocumented citizens”
1:37:45Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer images not reflecting obesity, mother on death from heart attack; Maxine Waters on domestic terrorism: “Ruby Ridge standoff, three killed, two wounded”, JCD: “by the FBI!”, Charlottesville “killed three” lie, “we can’t really do anything because of privacy concerns”, “Brettbart” wants to kill her, “alt-right” Revolution jingle
1:46:27Judicial Watch guy: “the deep state is running the Trump administration on transparency issues”, “complicit or oblivious” appointees; JCD on EU technocracy; Phillips collusion with EU on incandescent bulb ban, ACC’s dishwasher drying cycle cut 50% for LEED certification
1:56:23Immigrant pileup in Brussels, Italian mafia slave labor, Germany not all-in on Turkish membership; Merkel “miles ahead” of Schultz; Ukraine association treaty ratified in spite of Netherlands; Dutch insecticide-contaminated eggs, ACC: “here’s your coffin, put an egg on it”
2:04:24Donation Segment: Jerry Pournelle dead at 84, Chris Pirillo for TWiT
2:14:07Charlie Rose New York City-centric The Week; cool Deutsche Welle transition
2:18:12Nervous Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Imran Awan: “he’s not my staffer”; Gary Cohn on the outs with Trump after Financial Times criticism
2:24:32“No special rights” therapy animal scammers, ACC: “this is my service goat”
2:31:16Steve Bannon on Catholic Church and DACA; schoolmarmish Heather Nauert “parity” bullcrap on Russian consulate raid, “I don’t know if you all are working for RT today or what”
2:42:23Facebook breakfast courting big pharma; Dennis Rodman to Piers Moron on Kim Jong-un
2:49:32Google Chrome going https-only October 1; record-breaking Miami airport Irma shutdown