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962 Service Pony (2017-09-07)

Show 962 album art
0:00:00ACC: “That’s right, baby, I’m in show business.” (1:55:55)
0:00:33JCD’s “heat wavelet” over; Horowitz “officially freaking out” over Hurricane Irma, DH Unplugged on tiki hut blessing; boots on the ground images of Saba destruction; NBC on difference between free GFS and paid European weather model, “the difference: supercomputer power”; algo jingles; NBC on “millions desperately trying to escape”, NBC on stricter building codes from Hurricane Andrew aftermath; disagreement over storm surge height, CBS on Puerto Rico destruction; Miami cranes still standing; producer note on weather stations shutting down
0:16:05Amazon regional price gouging “dynamic pricing”; producer note on Orlando office closing; San Jose State professor Alison Bridger blames climate change; Dave Winer frets about 24/7 hurricanes, Mimi’s “worst ever” weather meme; ACC disses Red Cross in checkout line, Facebag account of Red Cross interference, “central distribution point”; newsletter “look askance”
0:30:15Steve Pieczenik on CIA vs military intelligence for control of president; John Kelly and continuity of government cabal, Twitter locked down; Trump teleprompter flub: “unite the red tape … all that red tape becomes beautiful when you get rid of it”, “hyperkinetic”; Chelsea Handler calls for military coup; Chinese coup and North Korean radiation leak rumors
0:45:34Animal rights activists in Hollywood: communism “kind of worked in America, in a way, back in the day”, “if you fight for human rights and you don’t fight for animal rights, you’re being a speciesist”; producer note on “service dogs” at airports, “taking a dump on one of the moving walkways”; Pope calls for children over pets, JCD proposes airport “service horse”
0:55:46Theresa May responds to McDonald’s zero-hours contracts, ACC on EU permission to fire workers, Jeremy Corbyn on May’s promised binding shareholder votes for executive pay, ACC on “Balkenende rule” capping compensation at Prime Minister’s salary; MC Stormzy calls Theresa May a “paigon”; May pushing Parliament Brexit bill with immigration restrictions
1:12:48BBC News in Pidgin English: “na 75 students register quick-quick for di course
1:17:23Producer Segment: Facebag inflating advertising reach by 10M
1:35:01Zuckerberg meeting with “dreamers” from never-enacted DREAM Act, awkward straight-backed posture, “by no fault of their own” meme, Executive Order sunset; Reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward to Tucker Carlson: no obligation to put citizens’ interests ahead of immigrants’, “if we had a billion people in America, America would be unstoppable”, ACC “popular while white”; Taylor Swift booed trying to sneak out of friend’s wedding
1:53:32New “ban” on under-sixteen skinny models
1:56:05Deutsche Welle contrasts “sophomoric” Trump behavior with German “duet” debate, migrant situation undiscussed, childless European leaders, JCD: “maybe they’re all gay”; media steering back toward Russia collusion, Bloomberg millennial on $100k Facebook “information campaign” potentially from Russia, blocking with “machine learning algorithms”
2:14:14Donation Segment: Phrases from the Chaise “tit for tat” and “nitty-gritty”
2:28:55Tech News: €1bn Intel antitrust fine to be reexamined; new Sony phone 3D cameras, JCD on potential for Apple-Tiffany deal; voice assistants responding to voice signals above 20 kHz
2:40:30Lester Holt “Hurricane Irmy”; Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “President Obama is laying out a responsible 24-month phaseout”; Joy Behar asserts 95% Trump lie rate; Chris Matthews on Democrats unable to run white men in next election; Shareblue’s Verrit site
2:50:59Clip Blitz: Rohingyas fleeing Myanmar Buddhists; ruling party wins Angolan elections; climate change threatens French wine; Catalonian independence vote; more carnage in Yemen