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961 Big BRICS (2017-09-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Stay woke!” ACC: “Whoa!” (1:22:13)
0:00:31California “burning up” due to Santa Ana winds; no feedback on Houston electric cars, Texas fuel supply to be restored quickly, interim price gouging, ACC the prepper; C-SPAN open feed of Trump’s Texas selfies and box-moving; NBC Red Cross hit piece, $0.91 per dollar promise, B+ rating, JCD on “whipsaw” non sequitur technique, Wells Fargo scandal transition; money diverted from other nonprofits, Michael Dell’s $35M, Clinton Foundation MIA; ACC recommends deferred tax plan until after Harvey; Trump blue gloves “my hands are too big”
0:16:55Rev. Manning: “the city of Houston is gone forever”, predicts war with North Korea and economic collapse; inevitable bond crisis; whistleblower Rebecca Reisig: Houston officials downplayed danger to reduce panic; ACC on millennials’ top charity J.J. Watt fund
0:27:34LA City Council replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day; SJWs targeting military bases with Confederate history; ACC birthday manicurist all-in on Democracy Now
0:32:29GamerGate as Genesis of modern SJW movement; Taylor Swift called out for silence on Donald Trump during election, Kanye West VMA incident and “I made that bitch famous” fabrication, “Becky” from Beyonce, latest Swift album released on West’s mother’s death date
0:42:10The Read podcast on “white witch” Swift, “Taylor Malfoy”, “colonial-ass video”, “anti-feminist rants”, “first white walker” Game of Thrones reference, ACC predicts popular media doom
0:51:37MTV News “Five Things You Should Know About Racism” whiteface skit, reverse racism “racial prejudice, not racism”, “they don’t have the institutional power to back them up”
1:04:40JCD on harsher prison sentences for men, “tremendous movie” The Red Pill; Morgan Freeman: “I don’t want a Black History Month”; new Netflix series Disjointed with Kathy Bates
1:12:24Producer Segment: JCD’s unfunny ACC birthday gag script
1:30:49New York banker: “bad Jew” Gary Cohn hoping to beat Mnuchin to Federal Reserve chair
1:33:55Arkema chemical plant “campfire” mixed message, JCD on PVC and unstable peroxides; Reeves Texas cloud seeding before landfall; heavily-edited Extra native ad for The Real and Total Wireless at exactly one minute; Democracy Now on pardon for “notorious racist” Joe Arpaio, JCD on bile for Obama’s lack of pardons until end of second term, Comey’s involvement in Marc Rich pardon; Arpaio “criminal racist”, “Latinx” profiling
1:48:30Charlie Rose The Week on Xiamen BRICS meeting and Weiner sentencing; JCD: “nasty group of people”; Russia-China space agreement; “check this out!” plume of smoke over San Francisco Russian Consulate, Mimi “it’s a spare the air day!”, outdoor cooking exemption; Consulate from 1852, “sign of the times”; RT on 36-hour warning for FBI staff apartment raid, “invasion” act of war, ACC: bug-planting foray; three more sonic attack victims in Cuba
2:07:12Phrase From the Chaise: “tit for tat”; “33 minutes of No Agenda” for amygdala
2:08:15Donation Segment
2:28:48Call for “algos” jingle; Amazon Echo “bread, bread” shopping list; EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation for algorithmic decision-making opt-out, consent & ToS exceptions
2:38:09Pelosi allegedly decries Antifa violence; Joy Behar on colleges vetting JFK vs “some troll on the internet” Milo, “I’m the first First Amendment person here”; UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein on Trump “incitement” against media, “Congress shall make no law” redux
2:48:59Moe Rocca befuddled by Armstrong radio horn (BCotD); algos “we’re all gonna die!”
2:52:52“Hammerskins” neo-Nazis in Majorca; ACLU: ICE trying to destroy evidence of abuses
2:56:48Berkeley arrestee “I need my service animal!”; ACC on dogs as surrogates for children