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960 Sandy Super Strong (2017-08-31)

Show 960 album art
0:00:00JCD: “… when the 2400 baud modem came out … wow, this thing is twice as fast!” (2:18:23)
0:00:407k Houston refugees for Austin, 500-vs 100-year flood and insurance premiums; Arkema chemical fire; Facebag furor over Melania’s heels and FLotUS hat, JCD on seeing Trump at US Open with Marla Maples, “shallow people entering deep waters”, “innocent pets and people”;
0:11:35NBC puts Red Cross front and center, ProPublica “tweetstorm” on selling blood to hospitals; relief fund run by Jew-hating Muslim Linda Sarsour; Sheila Jackson-Lee on not signing HR.152: Sandy Hook and “Sandy Super Strong”, “aid package to make sure that we have the funding for what is need” (CotD); C-SPAN caller on connection between total eclipse and natural disasters, abruptly cut off, JCD on Nancy Reagan’s astrological swearing-in time
0:22:25Ghoulish reporter called out by displaced women with two kids: “you still puttin’ a microphone in my face!”; Prosperity Gospel preacher Joel Osteen shamed; Amazon four-package diaper donation limit; JCD on Budweiser bottling water: “I don’t see the difference”
0:31:33North Korean announcer iso; Trump “contradiction” from Mattis: “never out of diplomatic solutions”; Hawaii missile defense test, “doubling down” meme; no Japan air raid siren video
0:40:37MSNBC “sources”: Mueller looking into Felix Sater and Russian Trump Tower project, “unidentified” North Korean missile; McCain’s return to Congress, “too old” meme, mother still alive, JCD: “I think he’s a lizard”; ACC’s 29th floor crickets, JCD on fire ant fireball
0:48:03Antifa “no Trump, no wall, no USA at all” chant; spokeshole on violence at Berkeley Patriot Prayer protest: “I’m not justifying it, I’m human naturing it”, event “one long line of love”, Arpaio “convicted racist”; Trump-Pence “regime” “Christian Fascism”
1:04:23Journalist: “why were journalists attacked?” at Berkeley protest, spokeshole: “that’s why we’re here, is so people don’t dwell on the violence”, “Anifa and Black Bloc are not the same”, “people get labeled and it’s not fair”, “tens of thousands of our tax dollars”; JCD on “angry black women”; BLM’s Patrisse Cullors: “this president literally tried to kill our communities”
1:16:03Refuse Fascism “nightmare” roster, call for demonstrations beginning November 4
1:20:12Frank Bruni to Bill Maher in defense of white men: “a category isn’t a credential”
1:22:55Producer Segment: JCD Second Half of Show teaser
1:36:01ACC’s Shark Tank invitation; JCD gripes about commercial breaks after “that person is…”; MTV VMAs “coming soon” ploy, Chris Cornell tribute cut off, yellow stars on red carpet
1:44:02Kathy Griffin to Australian TV on Arpaio pardon, “never served time” meme, “the transgender ban”, narcissistic “I lost everybody”, attacks host Samantha Armytage: “way to take my back, girl”, “I know your type … you’re like a white Trump voter in America” (CotD)
1:52:56Gone With the Wind vs Hattie McDaniel; “white, straight, and able-bodied” in Stephen King’s It; national anthem in crosshairs; menthol cigarette ban; JCD Red Book: Kathy Griffin rehab
1:58:37The Root five types of “Becky”, “a white woman who uses her privilege as a weapon, a ladder, or an excuse”, neo-Nazi “fourteen words”, {Rebecca, Becca, Beckeisha, Reba, Beckzilla}
2:07:10Donation Segment: ACC on Usenet snark and alt.binaries porn, 75 baud modem
2:32:52Second Half of Show: CIA document on downed UFO turning 23 Russian soldiers to stone
2:39:59Cathy O’Neil TED Talk on black-box algorithms as “weapons of math destruction”
2:46:27Australian effort to rename Father’s Day “Special Persons’ Day”; Russia Insider on US AED arrested emotional development teenage mentality; University of Nebraska free speech zone
2:54:23Mark Steyn on Imran Awan’s “malodorous” spook access; PBS on quaternary ice age
3:04:58Chinese Valentine’s Day stuffed animal “friends” for single diners; beef “bouquet” for proposal