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95 We’re All Terrorists Now (2009-05-07)

Show 95 album art
0:00:38ACC’s fader box left behind, JCD reads his travel checklist, ACC’s “MacGyver bag”
0:08:53Obama speech at podium with Presidential Seal replaced by “keeping Americal competitive”; MSNBC breaking news: Obama & Biden ordering hamburgers
0:12:41Elizabeth Edwards’ Oprah sob story, John Edwards’ elite hair; ACC on Uncle Don’s red phone
0:15:05White House not releasing Air Force One “joy ride” pictures, Biden “watch this!”, ACC: “this is not transparency”; JCD on people ditching “Republican” for “conservative”; idiot Mike Pence to Chris Matthews: “do I believe in evolution?”, George Gilder, religious right Taliban-like stranglehold on Republican party, Texas Board of Education and evolution
0:26:37Note from 16-year-old British producer on Monsanto research assignment into “improving farming processes through chemicals”
0:28:56Donation Segment: $19.76 for swine flu & Mandelbrot
0:33:11WHO: “all of humanity is at risk” from swine flu, imminent pandemic level 5, all Hell breaking loose in August, Bush Tamiflu stockpile, La Roche stock way up, medal-studded CDC woman
0:37:47Dinner at Four Seasons, JCD’s missing doggie bag, Henriot champagne; ACC’s female guest perplexed by American politics and states’ rights; awaiting EU ban on roquefort cheese
0:47:20Michael Savage banned from entering UK by Home Secretary “Wacky” Jacqui Smith, CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations troublemakers, no coverage from Fox News, highly ambiguous hate speech laws
0:55:25DHS Domestic Extremism Lexicon from Office of Intelligence and Analysis, “state, local, and regional fusions centers”, “alternative media” and “hacktivism”, Phineas Priesthood logo, explosives added to ATF; No Agenda Forums news contest; “we’re Knights of the No Agenda and we suck” and “who is they” jingles
1:12:47New York Times article “Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus”: ecoAmerica newspeak global warming “our deteriorating atmosphere”, cap and trade “pollution reduction refund”; public relations firms pushing government policies