Call Clooney!

959 Stay Safe! (2017-08-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “We sound like news execs now.” (2:36:57)
0:00:35Hurricane Harvey “stay safe”s for ACC, “intensification” hype, ACC reporter on the scene skit; ABC “the full punch is still coming”, global warming and unprepared Trump memes; NBC 2008 time travel, ACC monitoring ham radio emergency activity, Franklin Barbecue fire, not evacuating because “I feel that I do know what I’m doing”, Sharpie SSN on arm; “house lifting”; sobbing C-section woman worst-case scenario; Trump on “Twitter storms”
0:20:03Valerie Plame’s bogus plan to buy Twitter and boot Trump, “brink of nuclear Armagedd-on”, Brolf on $50k of $1bn goal, “I have to make a very valid point here”, donations to Global Zero, Mueller’s “crackerjack team”; Al Franken “Kremlin playbook” found on Amazon
0:34:24Mayweather-McGregor fight streaming issues, JCD’s VPN workaround
0:36:44UK NHS considering lithium in water supply to reduce dementia; high doses of vitamins B6 and B12 linked to lung cancer in men; Houston “fourth largest city” meme
0:45:51Antifa attacking Canadian journalists; “ass-ylum seekers” with child pornography; El Salvadorean status expiring in March; 700 refugees evicted in Rome; refugees back in Calais, JCD on Soros goading refugees toward Germany; Brady Bunch “bunch of snowflakes” jingle
0:56:19Edmonton Eskimos taking flak for name, defaced Columbus statue, ACC predicts Gone With the Wind in jeopardy; Alan Dershowitz: Antifa “radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard, hard left censorial organization”; Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley: “my paramount object … is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery”
1:09:24Producer Segment: NJNK “no jingles, no karma”;; sports karma ban
1:24:04Sebastian Gorka jettisoned from administration, “who’s next” impasse, “ghoulish” Stephen Miller vs Democrat Kushner, Kellyanne Conway called “the barfly” by Michael Savage, Newt Gingrich’s wife’s nomination for Vatican ambassadorship, Dana Milbank editorial cries foul
1:31:01David Crosby: no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Ted Nugent: “he can kiss my ass”
1:32:54Joe Arpaio pardon, phony Obama birth certificate deconstruction, Don Lemon all-in on waiting for sentencing; Australian government dual citizenship crisis; TV host draws “what right do you have” parallel between same-sex marriage and Ian Thorpe’s Olympic achievement
1:50:07Producer on non-white Jews, Democrat anti-Semitism; JCD’s The Races of Man stereotypes
1:57:42Google partially reimbursing advertisers for bogus 4chan traffic, JCD story: Forbes yacht tour with “dumb as a fireplug” media buyers; A Conversation with Scott Galloway podcast: Alexa “that’s all I could for batteries right now” except private-label brand, higher price (BCotD)
2:11:02Donation Segment
2:18:44“Dropped” cultural appropriation; Good Morning America Taylor Swift native ad package; Swift out of favor, JCD: latest single derivative, bad industry reviews
2:25:23EU still cross with Polish judicial amendment, Frans Timmermans threatens Article Seven; Timmermans video with creepy music: “nationalism is like alcoholism”, added echo; UN anti-Nazi resolution defeated in General Assembly; producer note on pompous “conflate” usage
2:35:44North Korea “safer than London” for tourists; Brussels “God is great” knife attack; Buckingham Palace knife-carrier “scary scene”; Democrat-leaning psychiatrists to Congress: Trump “clear and present danger”; CVC freaked out over white Bic lighter “27 club” of dead musicians
2:43:09China buying up Greek assets, “dragon head” of One Belt One Road; Charleston bus boy chef shooting, ACC story: ice cream flambé dropped on bride’s dress, Trump the screamer meme
2:48:53LAPD cracking down on Metro “man spreading”; Charlie Rose The Week on Burning Man