Call Clooney!

958 The Talking Stick! (2017-08-24)

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0:00:00ACC: (wind in background)ISIS is actually coming across the border, John!” (2:16:19)
0:00:34CVC and hot girlfriend visiting; Tequila “Antifa!” jingle, Sinatra-style Pull Those Statues Down; UTA statue removal, JCD: tear down Alamo; ESPN pulls Robert Lee; Scott Adams on Clinton-era “third term” martial law meme; Canadian teachers’ union calling for expungement of “architect of genocide against indigenous peoples” John A. Macdonald, “all of our children need to be able to be safe, and feel inclusive”; Lincoln “sole purpose of restoring the Union”
0:16:40Mark Steyn on Antifa “identity politics minstrel show”; Clooneys donate $1M to SPLC
0:20:00A.C. Thompson on ProPublica “Documenting Hate” project, free articles vs “develop some businesses”, “I have no idea” lie for caller largest donor question, condescending “my friends in the nerd side”, tracking 3k “verified accounts”, Trump tied to “rash of anti-immigrant sentiments”, hate crime definition; JCD on recent increase in media use of “conflate”
0:35:48ACC on the oddity of crime vs hate crime; call for destruction of Nelson’s Column
0:39:00NBC on Trump’s Phoenix and VFW speech “head-snapping change of tones”; Clapper to Don Lemon: “downright scary and disturbing”, “teleprompter Trump”; misleading NBC Jeff Flake “who’s weak on borders, weak on crime”; CBS anchor chokes on Rhona Graff “right-hand…”
0:52:43Rachel Maddow on golden showers dossier and “collusion in the Russian attack”, BuzzFeed libel suit never mentioned, Rick Wilson: 40k pages of documents “should absolutely Donald Trump’s attorneys”; JCD on potential extradition of Christopher Steele to US
0:59:08Show notes impeachment “25 for 45”; Donny Deutsch on Trump as sociopath; NBC promoting Hillary’s new book, Trump “literally breathing down my neck” in second debate, high vs low point discrepancy; daughter to TtK: “now you’re supporting Nazis?” over Mike Rowe piece
1:10:57“Auntie” Maxine Waters at BET Awards on “right-wing ultraconservative alt-right haters”, “I am you and you are me”, “not only will we resist you, we will impeach you, Mr. President!”
1:16:39Producer Segment:; post-eclipse weepy Weather Channel woman (BCotD)
1:35:47Paratroopers heading to Afghanistan, ACC on Trump’s opportunity to end opioid crisis, JCD on fentanyl mailed from China; Dreamland author Sam Quinones on heroin “master marketers” in Columbus Ohio, parallel with Purdue Pharma OxyContin “no longer addictive” marketing
1:51:23Reagan vs Trump, comparison to nursing home patient “wandering off into the snow”; Trump on not changing Afghan culture, JCD on missed opportunity to label him pro-pedophile
2:00:03CNN misrepresents Haitian asylum expiration cancellation as Trump’s fault, “unprecedented” numbers passing from US into Canada; Justin Trudeau on immigrant privacy rights
2:08:151954 CIA overthrow of Guatemalan Árbenz government with fake radio broadcasts, ACC on doing something similar with ISIS on Mexican border using Facebook Live
2:18:13Donation Segment
2:24:29Inside Edition finds discrepancies in home DNA kits tested on identical triplets, Family Tree DNA “50% confidence level”, JCD on CSI fingerprint DNA extraction, submitting dog DNA
2:29:47Phrase from the Chaise: “blowing smoke up ass” tobacco smoke enema for drowning victims
2:31:35Tech News: Google-Walmart voice-activated shopping partnership, ACC using “talking stick” and Instacart; new Sonos terms of service; desperation Spotify IPO dodge; idiots all-in on electric Volkswagen bus, JCD on dangerous Whole Foods chargers, soft Tesla underbelly
2:49:27PBS “Hillary Trump” gaffe (CotD); retired Colonel: Obama briefed on North Korean mini-nukes; Jimmy Savile reporter Liz MacKean dead at 52; USS John S. McCain struck by tanker
2:55:11Potential brain damage from Cuba sonic attack, babbling reporters, McCain power failure