Call Clooney!

957 Upstaged! (2017-08-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Could you imagine a massive fight breaking out at Coachella?” (1:01:08)
0:00:36ACC “anti-fob”, JCD on disabling fob’s unlock button, ACC waiting on garage system fobs for cloning; Nest solar eclipse “rush hour” message: “dip in the energy supply”
0:05:18Alameda synagogue window breakage as hate crime, “lots of people consider Jews to be white”; producer note on “almost religious” anti-Semitism and magical shape-shifting Jews; weepy Christopher Cantwell, ACC: “LARPer with a gun”, JCD: displaying his “acting chops”
0:18:54Gay pride vs “Nazi” white pride; intersectionality explained by ACC’s millennials
0:21:39Top Mueller lawyer drops out; diva Milo Yiannopoulos compares himself to Madonna on C-SPAN; ACC’s Hollywood “a lot of Jewish names” shitstorm, Chabon & Waldman Facebag post: all Jews must stand against Trump or be complicit, “now he’s coming after you”
0:35:24Bannon claiming to be more “Zionist” than Pat Buchanan; Twitter hate unleashed on Mnuchin
0:44:49Charlottesville mayor: need “new balance … between the First Amendment and public safety”, ACLU board member resigns; ACC ACLU phone scammer revisited; Milo’s book cancellation
0:51:15Chris Matthews pushes back on SPLC about Antifa violence, “calling for the race war”
0:55:34Brolf on possible Charlottesville copycat Barcelona; Fran Townsend on both incidents as terrorism, Charlie Rose “concert halls”, Red Book: Coachella fight, Townsend tangent on Charlottesville failure to separate groups; Fox News conflates Las Ramblas protest
1:07:10Barcelona attack supposedly in planning for ten years in spite of attacker Moussa Oukabir being 17, no word from attackers’ parents; response to knife attack in Finland: need more surveillance, “Allahu snackbar”; Hillary mourns Robert Byrd, Byrd “white niggers”, Bill Clinton on “fleeting association with the Klu Klux Klan”, JCD Bill sabotage theory; “Vice news”
1:14:54JCD on Trump “upstaged” meme vs Warren’s “thin skinned”; Summer of Resistance jingle
1:16:55Producer Segment
1:33:55Angela Rye: Washington & Jefferson statues “all need to come down”, magic marker Hitler moustache for Lincoln Memorial, JCD: no Hitler statues, “sick” grave desecration; weepy strategist Gianno Caldwell on betrayal by Trump; “the SJWs say wah wah wah” jingle
1:42:40Steve Bannon tossed out; New York banker: Scaramucci tax scheme failed, ageism lawsuits over over-40 firings; Bannon “scoop” for liberal magazine following Mooch lead, duped Robert Kuttner on “private strategy conversation”, Trump “upstaged by staff”; CBS “sources” on Bannon’s “rising profile”, Breitbart “editorial support to the white supremacist movement”
1:57:54Chinese and Indian troops throwing rocks & bottles at each other over Bhutan; Bannon “this presidency is over” meme, getting rid of Kushner theory, “royal divorce”; Trump ditching Kennedy Center Honors; classic CBS “he described it as amicable” non sequitur
2:05:01Charlie Rose PBS/CBS This Week clip show, Bannon and Barcelona arrests non-transition, Bannon Time cover, JCD on literary ring structure; “upstaged” new, 48 anti-Trump memes
2:25:01TED curator David Biello on refrigerant CO2, “new technology” CAD, cryptography “Nazi technology”; JCD on looking at solar eclipse through a CD, protecting pets from the eclipse
2:34:37Donation Segment: Jerry Lewis dead; two Trumps theory; solar eclipse theremin
2:46:27Barcelona warned about possible attack by CIA; Erdoğan meddling in German election
2:48:36Faraday gloves jingle, “fifteen-year Kickstarter”; US Cyber Command moving away from NSA
2:51:26US illegals heading to Canada; “outrageously smug” Milo on Trump not being a reader; Oregon misdemeanor for personal use drug possession; producer note on bullying bystanders
3:00:25Kennedy Center Honors boycott, ACC on “suck-up” LL Cool J, Norman Lear Center revisited