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955 Outrage Addiction (2017-08-13)

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0:00:00ACC: (imitating angry Mandarin and Hindi) (1:20:15)
0:00:37Google CEO urged to resign over memo, class-action suit, tenuous connection to press, “sketchy” female Googlers; “outrage addiction” dopamine; Jeffrey Lord fired for “Sieg Heil
0:10:55Ana Navarro goes ballistic over Trump’s Charlottesville comment, “you can’t say that this is both sides of violence”; unnamed car attack suspect(s) in Dodge Charger, CBS conflating KKK & neo-Nazis with alt-right; organizer on last-minute rally cancellation, ACLU lawsuit
0:26:02Rep. Ruben Gallego: Gorka a “known Nazi”, Trump comment “within minutes” of London attack, “very small, xenophobic sector of largely men … probably in their parents’ basement”; Gorka’s father fighting Hungarian communism; Facebag ranters predicting civil war; bystander on conflict “on the basis of a crayon color”; Mark Sanford: Trump “unleashed a demon”
0:36:21Kurt Andersen: US “founded by a theocratic cult of religious nuts”; Wesleyan University’s Everett Piper: colleges responsible for student narcissism, “ideological fascism”
0:45:57Dortmund court gives couple strict timetable for smoking on their own patio (BCotD); Merkel takes issue with proposed electric car quota; ACC predicts allegation of Russian meddling in September election; Trump jokingly thanks Putin for cutting State Department payroll
0:52:45Trump “gatekeeper” Rhona Graff of interest to Mueller investigation; JCD on Trump as “bogeyman” for Democrat votes; RT on forensic evidence of DNC hack being an inside job, 22.7 MBps transfer rate; William Binney on NSA 85% Myers & Briggs ISTJs, IYSSSS program
1:04:40Producer Segment: JCD Train Museum meetup report
1:16:59Inspire magazine calling for train derailment, Obama “no takin’ off your shoes” callback
1:18:50YouTuber urges North Korea to attack Sacramento; India-China wrestling skirmishes near Bhutan; MSNBC: EU more worried about Trump; NYT’s Elisabeth Bumiller on “renaissance in journalism”, Brian Williams: “our job tonight … is to scare people to death on this subject”; Philip Mudd: “government’s gonna kill this guy” (CotD); Thomas Friedman urges peace offer
1:32:10Non-story about American banker accused of pushing London woman into path of bus; Charlottesville driver James Alex Fields “kept to himself a lot”; ACC Infowars controversy
1:40:45“Demon release”: mysterious illnesses in New Hampshire hospital and two JetBlue flights; producer feedback on Ford exhaust issues; Narcan stock spike, “Lazarus parties” and Flatliners remake; two Russian diplomats expelled over Cuban acoustic attack, surveillance “gone wrong”
1:51:43Army ditches DJI Dajiang Innovation drones over cyber vulnerabilities phoning home
1:53:44Behavioural Brain Research: Facebook use correlated with less nucleus accumbens grey matter
1:56:14JCD’s Prince Charles story a dud, Red Book: killed in polo or fox hunt accident
2:02:11Australian “black economy” taskforce “culture change agenda” penalizing cash use; Dutch and British Airways IT outages; Australian National Innovation and Science Agenda “FinTech”
2:05:53Beaniecoin name already taken; USA Today: “you will be chipped, it’s just a matter of time”
2:10:27DJ’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift over groping incident firing thrown out by judge
2:12:50Donation Segment: four Apple employees at meetup
2:27:12700k tainted Dutch eggs sent to UK; antibiotic-resistant bacteria in factory farming
2:30:42Haitian migrants in Montreal Olympic stadium; Libyan Navy shooting at NGOs
2:32:29Mark Cantor on douchebag roster; ATF Form 4473 marijuana warning; “wine & weed pairing” idea; MSNBC on racist coverage of opioid crisis over crack, JCD: “black addicts matter”
2:40:36AirDrop for NYC dick pics; Adam Curry people’s choice award; nonexistent Google Fiber;; Clooney: “Princess Di is dead, and who should we see about that?”