Call Clooney!

954 Rasiss (2017-08-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “We should have a whole bunch of those little kids going, Elon, save me!” (1:56:18)
0:00:36North Korean miniaturized nuclear warhead, no “immediate threat to the homeland”, Guam threat, universal McCain outro, Trump “fire and fury”, generals controlling Trump meme
0:06:26ACC on Infowars with Tom Clancy coauthor spook Steve Pieczenik; Trump warning to China over Bhutan conflict with India; Pieczenik on Alex Jones as Bill Hicks, ACC to fill in for Jones
0:14:28Prince Charles passed over for succession, Diana voice coach documentary; ACC thin-shamed on Twitter after Seed Man gig, Jones BBC “humans gestating in embryonic form inside bovine”
0:26:07Red Book Narcan “Lazarus parties”; Narcan for elementary schools; producer note on “pre-cancerous” Gardasil pitch; Gardasil both-sexes PSA; “swollen amygdala”
0:35:11Beaniecoin logistics, No Agenda merchant network; ditzy reporter on Bitcoin “software upgrade known as fork” (BCotD); ACC’s Indian driver on post-election ₨500 and ₨2000 notes, Sri Lankan driver reports dengue fever, JCD tip: avoid aspirin if you have dengue
0:42:18Acoustic attack on Cuban embassy staff; Fox The Five regular Marie Harf on Heather Nauert
0:47:02Fired Google engineer James Damore’s “controversial anti-diversity memo” compilation, CNN: “he’s essentially saying, well, I don’t really like women anywhere near a computer”, Über parallel, Jerry Maguire scenario; ABC airs Damore “average male engineer” comment, biological differences, “code of conduct” violation; Mimi observes fat female millennials dominating Democrat party; YouTube CEO on “tragic” bias “exposed to a new generation”
0:59:47Producer Segment
1:07:09Michael Moore on The View, Joy Behar on “the horror” prediction, “actually she won”, Electoral College “we win, and then we lose”, Whoopi: “he didn’t get the sistas”, Moore proposes running Whoopi & Michelle Obama, “Oprah!”; identity politics definition
1:17:07Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp tips for spotting transgender children aged 4-12; PETA on “rape racks” for cows to produce sexist cheese; awkward “I’m so glad my gynecologist recommended it” commercial seque, JCD on lecture compression by cutting out half-hour
1:25:48Two-week-old Paul Manafort FBI search warrant story; Pence raising money for 2020 run
1:29:44ABC on North Korean Guam threat, “shock waves” over Trump off-script “fire and fury” comment; realist colonel to Fox: Colin Powell “parking lot” comment, 1970s technology, “boasts and hot air”; NBC promotes JASSM ER joint air-to-surface standoff missiles for South Korea
1:43:32Tucker Carlson on Bill Nye’s proposal that deniers die, 97% “I’m not contesting that” flub; realtor producer note on unchanging Sunset Beach high tide elevations; BBC on “dodgy” ±100% emission reporting; big oil cobalt mine child labor ad blitz; “JaCal” Jason Calacanis shilling for Tesla: “betting against Elon Musk is betting against the future of humanity”, JCD on white-knuckle driving and ease of running out of gas, all-in on Chevy Volt
2:00:33Maxine Waters: Alan Dershowitz’ grand jury DC demographics comment “absolutely racis’”
2:04:32Donation Segment: Train Museum meetup.htm; JCD’s anniversary 1988 Lynch-Bages
2:20:08Border wall work begins at National Butterfly Center; Bill Browder’s grandfather Earl Browder’s work for Stalin, Natalya Vinogradova at hearing; Sadiq Khan “take it down immediately” warning to YouTube; The Independent: Brexit because of dumb people; “curry favor” origin
2:28:44Alan Greenspan on abnormally low bond interest rates; San Francisco tent cities
2:37:24Megyn Kelly fired; CBSN on reporters “mistaken” for spooks; Pieczenik on Catholics running CIA, worthless Brennan Obama’s handler, drinking and philandering
2:44:10TWiT “solving AI” & DMV; Dunkin’ native add; David Brooks on Trump “cultural rot”