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953 His Name is Nimrod (2017-08-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “They don’t want people wavin’ these things around and pokin’ a hole in a Van Gogh.”
0:00:35ACC “jacked up” on Armagnac in New York, Jack Ponti Mexican party, Medicated Pete
0:02:33Michelle Carter manslaughter trial for urging boyfriend Conrad Roy’s suicide, “involuntarily intoxicated” on Solexa, impotence on side effect laundry list; NBC on suicides among girls on the rise, “overwhelming prevalence of social media”; ACC on pervasive “anxiety” meme, JCD cites social media “blessed” phenomenon; 2010 Cranky Geeks predictions, “trank” pills
0:17:14The Atlantic on millennials ditching driver’s licenses, JCD: cool cars driven by “old farts”
0:22:10“I don’t have a headache” aspirin ad, “scumbags” 30-second vaccine advertisement PSA: “talk to your child’s doctor today” (CotD); naloxone, JCD on Baltimore PD planting evidence; Robert Kennedy Jr. to Tucker Carlson on 1987 blanket immunity from Congress “drowning in pharmaceutical company money”, mercury still in flu vaccine, “most potent neurotoxin known to man that is not radioactive”, broken vial as hazardous waste, “second show in ten years” to give voice to him; Xanax meme propagated by mothers
0:34:12NAACP bullcrap travel advisory over Missouri discrimination bill, attorney “Nimrod” Chapel
0:41:12Evergreen College’s Bret Weinstein $4M lawsuit over getting driven off campus by protesters; California State University dropping math and English placement exams and remedial courses to boost 20% four-year graduation rate, JCD on private school lawsuits over promised job opportunities, “bonehead English” remedial course; Alex Jones “these are pigs!” iso
0:49:09NPR/WaPo “scumbags” lie about Trump-Peña Nieto call transcript: border wall “the least important thing that we are talking about”, transcript: least important “in terms of dollars or pesos”; JCD NASA mission control NPR-style edit: “the best America had to offer: failure is not an option”, producer “get out of my juicy vagina” edit
0:56:15Producer Segment: garbled iChip® in RSS feed; JCD: no fusel oil hangover from Armagnac
1:10:00Bill Maher “are we kidding ourselves about the tipping point?” to Al Gore, “the scientists tell us no”, Antarctic ice sheet distraction, Maher’s biblical “when the sea levels rise”, scripted “who would know better about losing Florida?”, “I saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets” in Miami, JCD checking out Miami Beach webcams, “free fish”, Gore catches contradiction in “six inches of rain in two hours and it flooded again for a different… uh, reason connected to the climate crisis”, moving Norfolk and Galveston bases; China “cap and trade” coal plant closings, Solar City deal; “the single fastest-growing job is wind turbine technician”; Maher proposes medals for Paris Accord negotiators
1:28:07Maher: “we have to fix our democracy”, JCD on democracy’s “tyranny of the majority”; JCD story: reducing Trailmobile foreman to begging via inspection diligence, “I would just red-tape the Hell out of it”, unread sagging roof CYA memo; ACC theory: run-up to 2020 presidential run, Gore: “time to get rid of the Electoral College”; strategist Robert Patillo: Democrats “waiting until 2018 when we’ll have Speaker of the House Maxine Waters and Senate leader Chuck Schumer” (BCotD); Waters on The View: “I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump”, mistakes Putin for Pence, “he’s nex’”, Joy Behar “lock him up”
1:43:08Conservative Move company helping California conservatives move to Texas
1:45:32Producer note on Ford Explorer carbon monoxide due to leaky aftermarket epoxy; exhaust manifold cracks potentially leading to recall, problem also linked to non-police vehicles
1:52:10Donation Segment: JCD details Sacramento train museum meetup
2:08:31Saudi Aramco to go public, valuation at $1T, possible additional Trump call transcripts
2:11:42Peter Schiff’s nine-minute Bitcoin rant with Max Keiser; ACC the Bitcoin day trader, $3300 spike; Beaniecoin launch logistics; Schiff on Trump: “I liked him better as a candidate”, potential fall guy for economic troubles; JCD on McMaster’s “legendary temper” as sign of bipolar disorder, “bamafudd” college degrees, Trump “no agenda”; CBS on Kislyak’s meddling denial, McMaster under fire from alt-right, DoJ/FBI leak crackdown, reporter’s shouted “are you afraid to talk to the press?” non-sequitur
2:26:20TtK picture from Museum of Modern Art full of Chinese with selfie sticks touching the frane of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, JCD “fie” phrase from the chaise
2:28:55Ana Navarro to Jeffrey Lord: “it must be so nice to be a white male”, JCD: “what he should have said: it must be nice to be an on-air bitch”, “nobody does more identity politics than Donald Trump, the guy who … called Mexicans rapists”
2:35:35Dimension B: Democracy Now on Trump White House ancestors being kept out by proposed immigration bill, Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller bickering, “English-speaking only” lie
2:42:03ABC “here’s a way to boost your pay a little faster” Powerball and Mega Millions native ad with disclosure of odds, “the crew and I here got our tickets”
2:45:32Jeff Sessions warns of possible federal crackdown in states with legal marijuana
2:47:03Mika Brzezinski fascinated with Trump’s 33% approval rating