Call Clooney!

952 iChip® (2017-08-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, that’s a chick magnet!” (2:22:38)
0:00:32JCD millennial dinner cutting in line discussion, Monterey Foods incident, conflict over enabling injustice, ACC on retarded Whataburger employees; LGB silence over transgender ban due to lack of Soros professionally-printed signs; Native American headdress as Purple Heart
0:10:15MRA men’s rights activists excoriated as misogynists, The Red Pill; Magnitsky documentary
0:13:47University of Hampshire: millennials “extremely entitled” and narcissistic; American Psychoanalytic Association repeals Goldwater Rule, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, libel and public figures; MTV Moon Person; Dutch “rainbow rules”, no more “ladies and gentlemen”; John McEnroe defends Serena Williams “700th” comment, “play together” proposal
0:27:56NBC on Trump “lying” about phone calls vs conversations with Boy Scouts and Mexican president, calling White House a “dump” non sequitur; millennials discover antenna “hack” for free TV; JCD requests spidering of “Snokes”; JCD on Trump “little lies” vs yellowcake
0:38:46Judicial Watch lawyer to Tucker Carlson on Huma Abedin’s e-mail account on Hillary’s server with classified information and new e-mails; “Chatty Cathy” James Comey’s $2M book deal; Eric Braverman given “use immunity” for cooperation in Clinton Foundation investigation
0:44:23San Jose bicyclist killed trying to dart through railroad crossing; out-of-control entitled cyclists
0:50:12Newly-married Murfreesboro woman arrested for attempting to shoot husband in head
0:51:38Rod Wheeler lawsuit claims Seth Rich murder story was cooked up by Fox News and Trump supporter, Wheeler “misquoted”, previously all-in on story, upset family meme
1:00:16Seymour Hersh: Seth Rich killed with .22, Assange avoidance, “extensive sample” of e-mails for sale to WikiLeaks, “Brennan’s an asshole”, “these guys run the fucking Times
1:11:03Producer Segment: ACC on fallout from Bitcoin fork, “challenge coin”, “climate coin”
1:27:40Paris climate accord $900bn yearly renewable energy investment until 2030; Matt Ridley on flawed IPCC models, 1┬░ per CO2 doubling, 97% figurefrom poll of 79 scientists, “I’m in that group”, Obama “dangerous” lie; Al Gore confronts Tangier Island mayor over sea level rise, ACC: “this is what a televangelist does”, “climate crisis” meme and extinction symbol tattoos
1:44:27Virgin Islands and St. Croix going broke after bond market implosion
1:47:12North Korea ICBM launch, State Department personnel from Russia; commercial airliner “very close” to missile; Ed Schultz on North Korean stealth submarines off Los Angeles; South Korean president flips in favor of missile defense
1:54:26Awan brothers paid triple normal salaries by Wasserman Schultz, “malevolent” voice-change calls against Bernie Sanders, Muslim Brotherhood connection; ACC on work e-mail exposure
2:01:15Donation Segment: JCD Blocked jingle; EU warns about tasteless jokes in bank transactions
2:12:19Zuckerberg’s potential presidential run; $187k NASA planetary protection officer gig; Three Square Market microchipping employees, Apple iChip to unlock phone and Apple Pay; KQED hit by ransomware with no backups; chip chic “I’m a node on the Etherium Network”
2:23:01Scaramucci “shown to the West Wing exit door” after six days, tax-free holdings sale, Kelly “order and discipline” meme; “racist” immigration bill, Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller squabble over English bonus points, Statue of Liberty inscriptions; new multiculty 23andMe girl
2:37:25Child sexual abuse bacha bazi in Afghan military; Trump ends arms program for Syrian rebels; contentious search for new Afghanistan strategy, China and mineral resources; Chinese base in Djibouti; Sebastian Gorka on Trump policy and transgender 40% suicide attempt rate
2:48:38New Ford carbon monoxide case, EMTs learning to avoid electrocution from electric car wreck