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951 Hard Forking (2017-07-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “I… I was unaware of this story!”
0:00:33Maxine Waters “reclaiming my time” litany with Steve Mnuchin, “thank you for your compliments about how great I am”, Mnuchin performative-fest, eye-rolling chairman
0:08:34FARA Foreign Agents Registration Act hearing, Bill Browder on Dana Rohrabacher spreading propaganda, Chuck Grassley on ex-FSB Renaissance Capital’s 2010 Bill Clinton speech and Uranium One deal, buy rating from Renaissance; Browder to Lindsey Graham on Fusion GPS Trump dossier funded by Russians, “can I just call her Natalia?”, “adoptions” code
0:22:10Magnitsky Act to punish Russian oligarchs, Browder theory on Putin extorting massive amounts of money out of oligarchs, cage trial threat; Natalya Vinogradova on Magnitsky list, allowed into US under Kerry waiver; special counsel Clinton-Russia investigation request
0:28:00Gen. Mark A. Milley’s ingenious explanation of US role in “world order” to National Press Club, 100M killed 1914-1945, “China dream”, “neither China nor Russia are enemies, we are not engaged in open armed conflict and we want to keep it that way”, gives lie to transgender ban “blindsided” meme, media “accurate sometimes, but fast, fast all the time” (CotD)
0:44:38Possible EU rules to prevent bank runs by halting withdrawals, Martin Schulz refugee warning
0:46:53Bitcoin “hard fork”, detractors calling Bitcoin Cash “shitcoin”, ACC: “techno-weenies arguing about what’s better”; Trish Regan reassured everything looks great for stock market; JCD on Beanie Babies “investing”, Third Rock from the Sun episode, Dutch tulip mania
1:05:50Producer Segment: “xennial” and millennial dimensions; The Red Pill documentary
1:40:52Uncle Don in Time Magazine interview: North Korean leadership “thoughtful, well-educated pragmatists”, more worried about Pakistan’s nuclear program, beauty of Pyongyang, “longest-running failure in the history of American espionage”; fear-mongering CBS: ICBM “could have reached Los Angeles, Chicago, and even New York”, policy expert: US in denial, Hawaii to repurpose tunnels under Diamond Head, JCD on anti-war Tulsi Gabbard
1:48:53David Sanger to Charlie Rose on Kim Jong-un’s lesson from Gaddafi, “when his people turned against him the United States, Europe, and the Arab states all came in and bombed him until somebody pulled him out of a ditch and shot him”, Assad and Saddam Hussein parallels
1:52:28David Brooks to Wake Up podcast: “I have no choice, I need the job”; Brolf takes Gloria Borger to task over ignorant or lying sources, JCD story: leaked picture of Apple Lisa, wishy-washy New York Times, extremely self-assured consultants; “botch of the day” jingle
2:02:44Anthony Scaramucci on treasonous national security leaks; Trump praise for John Kelly before swapping him in for Reince Priebus, ACC on Trump’s military school background, JCD on ordering of Spicer and Priebus departures; Jonathan Karl to Charlie Rose on “six months of turmoil”, New Yorker Scaramucci interview and Priebus’ abandonment, ACC Red Book: Sessions appointed to Kelly’s DHS position, Mueller fired by replacement; Sessions unfazed by Trump’s “hurtful” comments; Billions and The Blacklist; Scaramucci “President Chump” iso (CotD); FBI General Counsel James Baker possibly under investigation for classified leaks
2:19:31Donation Segment: producer note on visiting Dimension R; verboten “retarded” and “gal”
2:39:17Procter & Gamble cuts online advertising budget by $100M with no negative impact, ACC revisits arbitrage scheme, rise in Google’s “traffic acquisition costs”, ACC on “Beaniecoin”
2:43:39Finding fake Twitter follower ratio; David Cay Johnston mocks Trump’s single-payer hostility
2:51:15Glyphosate found in Ben & Jerry’s, anti-GMO Chipotle issues, JCD on telegraph sabotage
2:56:42Ford Explorer police car carbon monoxide; The View “pansexual homo-romantic” millennial