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950 RACE: Other (2017-07-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Mueller! Mueller! Mueller?” (1:13:54)
0:00:38JCD’s bottle of Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan “stimulates macrophage activity”, “bleach”
0:02:39Trump military transgender ban, “promised to protect … transgender rights” lie vs “protect … from the violence and oppression of the hateful foreign ideology”, pro-military liberals, ABC “couldn’t provide answers to the most basic questions” lie; wildly divergent population estimates, “criticized” by GOP lie: “a hearing, not a tweet”, Catelyn Jenner jumps in
0:18:35Local news on “major blow to the transgender community”, lesbian representative Nancy Pelosi on “vile, hateful agenda”, 250 applicants for government-funded gender reassignment
0:23:52LGBT Facebaggers calling out Jared Kushner as gay, “somebody fucked up that circumcision”
0:27:42ACC introduces conflict-seeking {Retarded, Reddit, SnaRk} Dimension R
0:34:43Smear author Sharyl Attkisson to WaPo’s Erik Wemple on Book TV: “at CBS at the end, they told you what they wanted your interviewees to say and what the facts ought to show”, Wimple: Pussygate “objectively horrific”, JCD story: braggart coworker called out by waitress, Wemple: smears can’t be based on facts; producer call-out for sexism; Attkisson on George Soros’ $1M for Media Matters in smear duel with Glenn Beck
0:52:32Ross Perot’s charts and election exodus; ACC story: Perot’s bid to buy OnRamp Inc, JCD story: meeting “petite male” Perot at NeXT event, big eyeball like Jeff Bezos
1:01:05Imran Awan arrested at Dulles, kept on payroll by Wasserman Schultz after February firings
1:05:16Uproar over Trump speeches to Hitler Youth Boy Scouts and VFW youth, {teleprompter, tweeting, off-script} Trumps, Obama’s missed jamboree for The View appearance; Roland Martin: “crackhea’ when it comes to large crowds”; John Brennan to Brolf: all-in on Robert Mueller, call for Executive Branch mutiny; right-wing theory about Mueller going after Clintons; Trump on Sessions recusal: “time will tell”, JCD story: “a word to the wise” manager
1:20:07Producer Segment
1:30:56David Bromwich in London Review of Books on Democrat retaliation and Cold War mythology, Trump still getting overwhelming levels of coverage; Stephen Cohen on House no confidence Resolution 456 “whereas” list, “refrain from using Twitter inappropriately” demand
1:46:55JCD: “Google is the George Soros of net neutrality”, FCC censorship backgrounder, Greg Walden: “it’s time for Congress to legislate the rules of the internet”, FCC’s skewed edge provider definition, ACC: “I can finally say, hi, nice to meet you, I’m Adam Curry, edge provider”, CDNs superseded by appliances, “hey Adam, what time is it?” Walden iso
2:11:36Donation Segment
2:22:32New Kagan Democrat-Neocon think tank Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund, advisors Mike Chertoff and former Estonian president, “Mike Morell, right?” and Mike Rogers, “Russia’s repeated and ongoing efforts to undermine democratic institutions”
2:30:38Wildfires in Southern France and “Retardo DiCaprio” event; UK & France to ban fossil fuel vehicle sales in 2040, ACC on recent Austin power outage; CBS self-driving Audi native ad
2:38:26Creepy AncestryDNA “I’m everything, I’m from all nations”; Amazon Go “just walk out technology” for employee-less stores; Washington to fine eating or holding phone when stopped in traffic, JCD story: forbidden to use laptop on “parked” plane in Brazil
2:48:41“Core part of the Windows operating system” Paint to be decoupled from OS
2:50:57EU Article 7.1 threat for Poland over meddling with judges, producer: Communist purge
2:57:02Bullcrap story on distiller changing whiskey by exposing it to different types of music