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94 Dvorak Wears Prada (2009-05-03)

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0:00:00A couple of false starts on the intro
0:01:35JCD: “you know what’s interesting, it’s actually in the morning”, back from Netherlands with reviews of carbon-copy restaurant with Villeroy & Boch flatware, gourmet restaurant “clubs”, “dots of crap all over the plate”; bird lovers up in arms over wind farms, ACC on windmills as investment vehicles, T. Boone “Slim” Pickens, WSJ on northern Louisiana natural gas discovery; swine flu just in time for sweeps week, Hong Kong hotel quarantine, mask-wearing Japanese at Munich Airport
0:13:40Producer feedback on spare Air Force One, military photographers on rooftop, third option: Photoshop; Obama tactic: minions say one thing and he sets press corps straight
0:19:10JCD Queen’s Day revisited, blister on foot from walking too much, ACC: “maybe it was the high heels you were wearing at the party … your Pradas”
0:20:38Robert Groves nominated as Census Bureau director, JCD “single-family dwelling” questioner on doorstep, ACORN doing Census work with GPS, JCD: “probably to mark your place in case the black helicopters have to take your place out”
0:24:53Producer note on conference presentation on FDA & CDC sales monitoring of drugs like Imodium, JCD: “hey, cut off Curry’s toilet water!”; ACC tries to score Tamiflu, “it’s not really for me”, CVC terrified after school evacuation, “people like Dvorak are part of the problem” on Twitter
0:31:16Prince talks chemtrails to Tavis Smiley; JCD’s photo of contrail shadow
0:35:46And Now Back to Real News: Dutch hagelslag and muisjes sprinkles for bread, gestampte muisjes for birth of baby; JCD on motorist trash cans; ACC on throwing apple cores at stop signs, Netherlands as European beta test; Apeldoorn attack confirmed as targeting Queen, “these days are over” meme; komijnekaas cumin cheese
0:47:19120 cosponsors for Ron Paul’s H.R.1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act, JCD on Intel-AMD lawsuit fractal; Lisbon Treaty indemnifies and makes sovereign ECB; Kennedy assassination and Executive Order 11110 theories; Lincoln statue by San Francisco City Hall
0:56:26Donation Segment: $22.22 “two-to-the-head”; dinner plans
1:06:07High fructose corn syrup is actually dangerous, limited-edition Pepsi Throwback, 13bn gallons of carbonated drinks per year; JCD on European tobacco labeling: “it makes you buy more!”
1:12:43Dutch tabloid Algemeen Dagblad, Wendy van Dijk Ushi Hirosaki character “Dutch Borat”, Xander de Buisonjé falling-out
1:17:16JCD: “we are talking about the sociology, and we’re using the exemplification in regards to Wendy to better analyze the sociology so we can understand the world around us in a manner that makes us more effective as human beings”